My answers to Fibbing Friday – 31st January

It’s Fibbing Friday time. To visit post where original questions came from and how to play, do pop on over here:


1. Why did the boy remain on the burning deck? He wanted to feel, hot hot hot.

2. Where will you find a toad in the hole? You won’t find it, cos there is a hole and there is nothing at the bottom. So no place to hide.

3. What do you call a shell-less snail?  A slug. (I can hear the snail saying, noooo. I’m not related.)

4. How many eggs are in a clutch? I don’t have a clutch, so there is none.

5. Why do we say someone is a barrel of laughs? Because there is always someone who will roll on the floor laughing. It can be contagious. So beware. You will be joining in.

6. Why are horse races in furlongs and athletics in metres? I don’t have a clue.

7. What are love handles? ((She lifts me up.))

8. What was Granny Smith famous for? Pole dancing on the side.

9. What is the difference between a toe flip and a toe loop? Different exercises for your feet. Well, your toes.

10. How many teeth are in a honey comb? None. It was covered in chocolate.

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