Some relaxing products I have been trying

For some months, I have been trying some different products that smell nice and that are relaxing:

  • Radox Sleep Aromatherapy Body Wash
  • Tisserand Sleep Better Pillow Mist
  • Tisserand Sleep Better candle (not puctured)
  • Tisserand Sleep Better Pulse Roller Ball
  • Boots Live + Be Hand Cream (not pictured)
  • Boots Live + Be Body Mist (not pictured)
  • Boots Live + Be Whipped Body Cream
  • Boots Live + Be Hand Wash

Radox Sleep Aromatherapy body wash, Tisserand Aromatherapy sleep better pillow spray and pulse point roller ball

Boots Live + Be body cream and hand wash

When I bought the ‘Tisserand Sleep Better’ range before Christmas, as my Christmas treat, I bought the gift set. It contained the candle, pillow mist and rollerball altogether.
Using them altogether, I slept solidly all through the night. I just have my pillow mist and roller ball left and although I class ‘Tisserand’ as expensive to start with, I don’t now with still having plenty left. Although some nights, I have not used it.

I would probably not buy as a gift set again, unless I treat myself. But I would consider the pillow mist and roller ball again, either together, or individually.

The ‘Radox Sleep Aromatherapy body wash,’ when showering in the evening, I would use this in conjunction with the ‘Tisserand Sleep Better’ products. I bought this to try after seeing it on a reduced offer. I loved the relaxing smell, while showering.

The ‘Boots Live + Be range’ is what I call budget range as they are in my preferred and affordable price range. But none of these products feel budgety.

I absolutely love this range and I have been going back for more.

I started off at first with just the hand cream in, ‘Captivating Pause’ and ‘Beautiful Connection.’ I had both of these on the coffee table, applying them to my hands in the day, when I needed to relax.
I bought these when I was at my worst depressive and suicidal state.
I liked both of these scents, but I found I was drawn more to the ‘Beautiful Connection one,’ as this ran out first.
Since then, I have bought the body mist spray, body cream, shower cream and more of the handcream in this scent. But I also going to try some of their other fragrances too, in this range.
So as you can see, I am hooked with theirs.
If I use their range at night before bed, then I don’t use the Tisserand. But mostly, at the moment, I use the Boots range in the day. This will probably change though, when my Tisserand has gone.

I hope Boots keep this range going, because I am hooked. I absolutely love the smell.


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