Chit-chat February

Even though I could chat more about things, I am purposely keeping this post short.


I was on my last free counselling of this month, which was paid for via a work programme, so now I am paying for my sessions, while I feel the need for them. I still plan to have them fortnightly.


Since last month, I have started volunteering twice a month, instead of once a month.


I watched more dvd’s lent by my neighbour. Watching dvd’s remains as one of my escapes. Just some I watched:

  • X Men Apocalypse
  • Titan A.E.
  • Frozen
  • Treasure Planet
  • The Edge
  • Fantastic 4
  • The Croods
  • The NeverEnding Story

I also watched dvd, The Royal Family – Queen Of Sheeba. Now I have never watched any of The Royal Family before, until this one. It was funny and so I will watch further of these, when I have the opportunity. But this one was also sad and it was written well. But it hit home for me, because I know I am never going to be looking after my mum the same way like that as I always said to myself I would do, if it was ever required. 

I feel ready

I feel ready, mentally and physically to work some extra hours. Just a few more like 6 to 8 hours extra. But no more than 10 extra hours. Not because I need it, because I don’t. I am comfortable with money I earn and I can live on that. This money would just go straight into my savings, helping me to achieve my long-term goal sooner. That’s why I’m doing this.

A book I plan on reading

A book that seems to have lovely reviews, that I plan to read is called, “The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse,” by Charlie Mackesy.
I first heard about this book here: Life With The Hazelwoods before looking at other reviews. I have put a reserve in at my local library and it’s out at all the libraries at the moment. So how long I will be waiting, I don’t know. They will contact me  when available.

I wasn’t a hermit all weekend

In It’s the weekend post, I said I would be a hermit all weekend. 😁 I ended up not being, after choosing to go for lunch with a friend on the Sunday. We both enjoyed ourselves.


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16 thoughts on “Chit-chat February

  1. I’m glad you’ve been able to see a friend and escape with some DVDs and feel a little more yourself to be able to up the hours of volunteering and work. Some great positives to read but I’m so sorry you’re now having to pay for your counselling. There’s something wrong about people (in real life, not in the films) having to pay for counselling and therapy, unless they’re mega rich of course. xx

    1. Even on NHS you only get so many, so having it paid for via work no different. I shall stick with this counsellor. I probably won’t need many more and if ever I stop and feel desperate for more, I shall text her and go down this route from now on, instead of NHS. X

    1. I consider myself lucky I can pay. But I can only afford at least fortnightly.
      I shall attend a few more and go from thetr whether I need anymore.
      I have difficult days. But I am in a much better place than last year.
      It’s nice to know when ever I finish and I need counselling again, I will go back to her. I’m not waiting no more on NHS.
      I have been lucky at my worst last year, to continue working.

      Yes, I have had a good week thank you and I plan it to continue as good as it can be. X

      1. The counselling service provider in my area, on the NHS let me down twice over the years and it was the same issue. So they have not learnt when it comes to access. So fuck em after this time. – scuse the language there. But that’s how it made me feel.

      2. That’s not good. I have not had that ever. Counselling has been fine when I had finally got it, it’s waiting for it and not communicating with me the right way when my turn. Or finding I have waited and not on the list.

  2. Thankyou so much for mentioning me lovely, it really is a lovely book and I’ve read a few times this week when I’ve felt sad it’s a beautiful book. Have you thought about the Christian counselling society (I think that’s the name) i use them for my counselling and they’re lovely you don’t have to be Christian and there’s no mention of god. I go to this and they are free, I will be making a donation when I’m done and bring gifts for everyone to say thank you! I hope you are well and things are improving even if slowly! Xx

    1. You’re welcome. I look forward to when I read the book.

      I am not aware of them doing counselling. But maybe they don’t cover everywhere. I would find it uncomfortable speaking to a Christian unfortunately, regardless there be no mention of God. Mum shoved religion at times on me as well as hearing her come out with the usual about God, space and germs topic when really ill.
      Also, at this point now, I don’t want to change counsellors. My counsellor has seen my worst, what she has heard and now the improvements. For another counsellor to know the befores to understand my moods of the present would mean opening all those doors again. I don’t need to re-open them unless needed and with what I have been doing have all been steps to keep going forward. But thank you for suggesting it. Xx

      1. This counsellor is cheaper than one I originally was going to go to. Mine is £35 for the hour. I go fortnightly still, as this is what I can only afford if I want to budget other things. I won’t need many more. It’s having the faith to let go I think.
        My next counselling is in 3 weeks instead if 2, because of getting me in at my preferred time. I suppose I can see this as a test and see how I go. Xx

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