The long term is going to be hard. But I am hoping my short terms break things up.

As you know, I have long and short-term goals. If you are not aware of them, you can read them here: My Vision Board and Gratitude Wall.

My long term, which I am not likely to do in 2 years and more likely it will be done in 3 years, I struggle with, because I do not want to be living where I am for the next 3 years. But I remind myself, it’s not worth moving somewhere else to rent privately, when it can be put to my long-term goal. I will only move if I get a council place. But as I have mentioned before, that’s about the same chance as winning the lottery.
It also means I won’t be having a cat while living where I am.

When I am inside my flat, I try to ignore what is outside:

  • The neighbour opposite leaving their tied up (stinking at times) rubbish outside their door, rather than taking it to the main bin straight away.
  • The same neighbours at times noisy. (They effect two of my other neighbours more than me, with me luckily not living above or bow them. But I have heard them at times, when they shout outside, instead of talk.)
  • Seeing my first rat outside. (There is supposedly more than that.)
  • Overflowing bins shared by my block of flats and the flats next door. These are also abused, because certain people put things in they shouldn’t. Filling the bins up with their own junk, as if it’s just their bin, when we all have to use it, but no room because of one person filling practically a very large bin.
  • The stairwell in my block has rules, but those rules may as well be took down, because they are just broken and no one can do a dam thing about it, as I have recently learn when complaining about neighbour leaving rubbish opposite. So whats the point those rules being up?
  • The litter strewn in the garden.
  • Not getting involved with upstairs neighbour about neighbour downstairs and vice versa, because I am sick of when they bitch about the same thing about one another. They stand need, because they are as bad as one another. Both have trouble when it comes to alcohol. But I don’t think upstairs will talk about downstairs, after telling him straight he’s just as bad. After all, remember that time when I blogged here that he was pointing a gun at past neighbours that lived their opposite? He was under the influence.

My short-term goals this year:

  • are lots more day trips out and about, whether near, or far. I hope these and anything else make my year go by easier.
  • To keep looking at my visionboard, to help keep me focused on my difficult days.
  • Having some lunches out by myself, or with friends.
  • To vent if needed on my blog.
  • To blog in general on my blog.
  • Watching dvd’s.
  • Walks out.
  • Doing self-care things at home, like pampering my feet for example.
  • To see if I can one day sit and do one of my crafts. (Or more.)

So that’s my rant and reminders. 😊


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30 thoughts on “The long term is going to be hard. But I am hoping my short terms break things up.

  1. One of my neighbours a few doors down will also leave garbage outside their door sometimes rather than take it to the bin right away. It’s just so strange to me that people think that kind of behaviour is acceptable.

    1. It is strange. Why touch something twice? If it’s took straight to bin. Job done.
      This flat is the same one when previous people that lived there caused issues. But after seeing landlord myself for that property last year, he is not a good landlord.

    1. Thank you. I have kind have had self-discipline from early age. Whether that’s down to my background, I don’t know. But it’s not a negative thing to me anyway. I like to think it helps keep me motivated. But without pressuring myself, which one time I did. Xx

      1. It is good to have self discipline. I think we learn it as we go through life. It helps xx

    1. Given the flat opposite, more likely so, as tenants are known to come and go with that one apparently and from what I witnessed last year. 🙂

    1. I have to remind myself I have had worse. But a house has always been better over a flat. I had this flat with wanting a much smaller place originally. I have to remind myself why I fell in love with it originally, which was the garden. But if I want to see if in 2 or 3 years I can afford to buy a house, then it would be a waste if money to move into another private property now. I will see what maximum of 3 years brings. Until then I will carry on looking at council properties and bid on those where suitable and enjoy my day trips.

      1. I get you. I want a house now too — I miss my garden 😦 Like you, I’ll bid etc and fortunately because of my disability a chap called me today to see what their HA can do. I’m currently on the top floor (12th) which is great for the views but when the lift breaks down (frequently and for days at a time), I’m stuck up here 😦

      2. Oh my. That’s awful for you. There is one thing, I don’t choose flats higher than first floor. If I consider second, I have to really want it and that area.
        With council, as I am single, flats are the only thing I can have. With rent being same as a mortgage, this is why I am seeing if I can save for a deposit and go from there, by seeing if I still want to go this way and whether I would get a mortgage. Otherwise next private property will be a house.

  2. rough neighbourhoods can be difficult to escape but you’ve got most worthy rules to keep you balanced .. good luck!

    1. Thank you.

      Where I am is not a rough neighbourhood. (But I been in a rough one, which wasn’t nice and not expected.) But with things I have noticed from the first month I lived here, my first impressions were like not quite good. But I could see there was a community feel.
      As I lived here longer, I discovered that community feel even more, with particular two neighbours downstairs. But I speak in short to a third and judt an hello to a fourth, if I see him.
      Last year as I have blogged about in an earlier post, one of the neighbours who I gave benefit of the doubt has spoilt things with me for being pissed drunk. So he is no different to the years before I knew him. I was going to limit it to just a cuppa now and again. But while I have had that break, I have enjoyed the peace from him and I realise I don’t even want to do that. I will just chat with him on passing.

      The big issue is the flat opposite, which has gone on longer than me living here. Every different tenant has been a nightmare. But with a landlord that owns that one, it’s of no surprise after I seen him last year. I am glad he is not my landlord.
      Previous tenants were a nightmare and ones in now should not really be there. It’s overcrowded. The flat is one bedroom,. Yet this landlord allows a family in.

      And as I have mentioned in this post, the bins outside get abused. So no surprise of rats.
      I’m glad that once in my flat, I can ignore beyond outside. And my short term plans will hopefully help, until my long term. 😊

    1. Thank you. Have a nice day yourself. I plan to go about my local area today. I have a couple of things to do, then I plan to treat my to a vegan meal at Frankie and Bennys.

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