My answers to Fibbing Friday – 7th February

It’s Fibbing Friday and with how many posts I written this week, I wasn’t going to play this week. But I couldn’t resist, so here they are. 😊

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  1. What is the significance of Groundhog Day? It’s so you can have an extra special mundane day, if you want to.
  2. Why is the NFL’s championship game called, “The Super Bowl”? I hear it’s a fish bowl. But not sure otherwise.
  3. Why do we exchange notes of love and affection on St. Valentine’s day? It’s to suck up because you didn’t show your love for the rest of the year, like you are supposed to.
  4. Why is President’s Day on the third Monday of February? He didn’t like the first Monday if the month as it was the most blue Monday of the month. But he didn’t want to be the last either.
  5. What exactly is Mardi Gras all about? It’s exactly that. The grass is mardy.
  6. Why does Lent always begin on a Wednesday? They don’t like Monday’s for a start.
    Tuesday is a day off.
    Friday is a chippy night.
    The weekend is yours.
    But Thursday I don’t know, as it’s top secret.
    So that means it just leaves Wednesday.
  7. Why is that Wednesday called, “Ash Wednesday”? It’s the left overs from the barbecues and the crumbs from the toaster.
  8. Why doesn’t February get at least 30 days like all the other months? Someone wanted a month of exactly 4 weeks.
  9. Why does a 29th day get added to February during leap years? Someone wanted an extra day off, as well as skip anniversaries.
  10. Why is every 4th year called a “leap year”? I don’t know. But it’s down to that person in question 9.

10 thoughts on “My answers to Fibbing Friday – 7th February

  1. Aaah, I wondered why lent was on Wednesdays and now I know – it all came down to deductive reasoning! Thankfully it didn’t interfere with chippy night (those used to be sacred to me when I was a kid) 😂 Loved reading these as always, thanks for the giggles!
    Have a restful weekend, Liz xx

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