It’s the weekend

I said originally in an earlier post I wouldn’t do these regular. Lol. But here’s another one.

So as you know, my weekend starts from Friday evening mostly.
Last night, when back home from work, I chanced it and watched a dvd before going to bed. I didn’t fall asleep watching my dvd as I thought I would. I watched The Notebook. A lovely film that I have seen before.

I plan on doing a few things today off my to do list. One being the elves are back. Look out for a one off post next month. Maybe you will see them this December before they go and help Santa.

After dropping off a bag of dvd’s at the charity shop, I plan to treat myself to a vegan lunch in Frankie and Bennys after seeing they have a new menu. Then I will call into my local Sainsburys to get myself another fleece jacket for my morning job, after seeing that my first one washes well and still looks good after a few washes.
Then when back at home, I plan to start reading a book for an hour or two, which I will mention that book title in my Chit-chat March post, followed by watching a dvd.

(Adding Sunday to this post after airing, after realising I did not mention Sunday.)

Sunday will be staying in my flat. Definitely staying in this Sunday. So I will be a hermit. I plan to read and dvd and just sit and relax, while looking out at the trees from time to time in the garden, seeing what birds may be about.

What’s your weekend plans?

And after sharing your weekend plans here, why not before you go, say hello and introduce yourselves here in this post: Where are you from? Tell me a bit about yourself.


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13 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

  1. That’s good to know that F&B have a new menu. They changed their menu years ago and got rid of the only gluten free meal I could have. Hopefully the new menu has stuff I can have as I enjoyed taking my niece there.

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    1. I believe F&B change their menu once or twice a year. But not sure.
      There were certainly morel vegan choices. I couldn’t say about gluten free choices though.


    1. I like to go to outdoor markets, but I don’t always take the opportunity. Even if its just to browse.
      I would like a 5 day holiday away sometime. But that’s during a period when I have no hamster. Although I have had offers from people to look after him, I shall look after him, as he is a nervous hamster who has slowly come out of his shell for me. I wouldn’t want to let someone else look after him.


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