Elves on the shelf relaxing

My elves are here having a relaxing break for so long, before they go travelling elsewhere. A break that’s needed, before helping Santa later in the year.

Two elves and monkey sitting front of living room window
Nick, Bob and Noel sitting at the front of my living room window
Nick and Noel birdwatching. Looking out for a robin.
Elves wearing their knitted jumpers and hats
Noel and Nick. Noel with a new jumper and hat. Nick prefering his usual jumper, but liking his new hat.


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8 thoughts on “Elves on the shelf relaxing

  1. Your elves are so cute! I love seeing them “bird-watching”. I have a feeling you probably have as much fun with your elves as we do with our stuffed puppies. 🙂

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    1. Yes, I can have fun with them. As you know with the difficulties of last year I had no motivation for doing anything with the elves. But this makes up for it I think.
      Hopefully I will come up with more this Christmas. If not before. 🙂

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