It’s the weekend

So my weekend started last night, as it does when I have finished work in the evening. As soon as I was at home and, said hello to the hamster and giving him his food and fresh water, I sorted out my light bite and drink before settling down to watch remainder of my dvd, which was Transformers.

Today,  I had my photo taken for my disabled bus pass application, as time to renew and get that sorted before my other runs out.

I then went for a dry cut at a local hairdressers. My first cut with a hairdresser after so many years of doing it myself because I could not afford to go.
I was anxious going, because you know how it is, it’s giving control to someone else cutting your hair to how you want it, hoping it does turn out how you want it. Also, hairdressers tend to spot how hair should not be, when you have been cutting it yourself. She spotted this, but didn’t know it was me cutting it, or why my hair length may be as it is. I have to say that the way my hair was commented by her, it was commented in a way as not to embarrasse.
I was happy with my haircut and I do intend to go back every 8 weeks for a cut at least, or longer as the hairdresser suggested I could do, as long as I keep moisturising my hair, which totally surprised me, because in the past, hairdressers have suggested every 6 weeks, which I never did and always went every 8 weeks.

After hairdressers, I called in Costa for a drink and to wind down. Afterwards, I plan to go home and read my book.

Later, I will carry on with my Transformer dvd’s lent by my neighbour and if I have not watched the rest before Sunday, then Sunday I will continue to watch. I do have a batman dvd to watch though, that I bought yesterday second hand; The Dark Knight Rises.

Hope your weekend is nice. What’s your plans?


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19 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

    1. I think, but I am not sure if for me, if it’s 3 years, or a little bit longer.
      I hope to now keep going back there whenever I need my hair cut, than doing it myself. I feel better for it.

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  1. It is raining here in Phoenix Arizona right now so we had to cancel outside plans for today. Tomorrow it is off to shop for a bed. My daughter no longer likes her vintage brass day bead. I can’t believe how pricey beds and mattresses are now. I hope she finds something she loves. Our son’s bed ended up costing over $500 to buy new.

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    1. I hope there is a new bed that she likes. Yes, it can be expensive.

      I have stayed in since back home and I don’t have plans for going out tomorrow. It’s very windy and been raining at times.

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  2. Hope you had a good weekend. I saw my niece which was nice. She’s applied to go to an Equine (horse) college. Can’t believe it, time it flying by and she’s growing up!

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    1. I have had a good weekend thank you. I chose to stay in all day today, so I have been reading my book, blogs and watching dvd’s.

      That’s good. I hope you both had a nice time. I bet your niece is going to enjoy that. I hope everything goes well with it and that she is doing well. 🙂 X


  3. Funnily, I cut my hair my self recently because I find it so stressful to get my hair cut here in Thailand. It prompted me to write an entire post about it, but it’s not ready yet.

    Sounds like a nice weekend. And I’m very glad to hear that you had a positive hair salon experience. The good ones are out there!

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    1. I will look out for your post.
      I will definitely go back, while being in a position to afford to have my hair cut. Either every weeks, or a little longer as the hairdresser said I could do.

      I had a nice weekend thank you.
      If you enjoy reading weekend type posts, I have another one scheduled post for this weekend.

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