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As I was reading this week in ‘Healthy’ magazine, you don’t need to be religious to give something up for lent. So for 40 days before Easter, I have decided I am going to set myself a challenge. I need a kick up the backside in the area I am focusing on and I think doing it around this time, is just what I need to get myself started.

My issue is that I have been eating a lot of sweet stuff, since from around last October I think, when I started doing it.

I have eaten sweets I normally would not touch, which is the sugar coated kind, regardless I find it too sweet and sickly.

Biscuits, I am eating more of than usual and the packs are not lasting like they normally would.
When it has come to eating the biscuits, I have ate more than I normally would in a sitting and I have ate them just for the sake of it.
I say to myself I won’t buy another pack so soon. But I do and they are gone before the week is out as well.

It’s obvious to me and my counsellor why I am doing this and I know I don’t need to explain it here, as most of you will know. (For new readers, just read some of last years posts of events that affected me.)

I need to sort this and only I can do it. I thought I had it under control. But I haven’t, because I am having a lot of moments eating sweet stuff unnecessarily. So I think doing the above I mention will be a good kick start for me.
Cutting back and eating like I used to before, rather than how it currently will benefit me obviously health-wise. But also the certain things my body experiences after excess sugar will help to reduce that too, which will not help anxiety.
Writing it here, I am sharing it with you and verbally putting it to show that this is what I am going to do for the 40 days before Easter.

So here is what I am not having for the 40 days before Easter:

  • No cake
  • No biscuits
  • No sugar-coated sweets, or any other sweets with exception of Jakemans sweets. But I will only have some of these if I come down with a cold, or sore throat.
  • No dairy-free chocolate (even though I hardly have it)
  • No apple pie, or equivalent.
  • No dairy-free ice-cream

So there it is. It’s not going to be easy, but I am aiming to do this.


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16 thoughts on “Setting myself a challenge

    1. It will certainly be harder for me this time round than before when I did a sugar detox, with this challenge, although different, it’s longer than before. And on top of how I am going with how I am eating at the moment. But yes, possible to do.

  1. Good on you Liz. I hope that you can stick to this. I know you will feel so good at the end of it if you do. Xx

    1. Yes, a good point there Lorraine and a good reminder for me when things get difficult, that I will feel better for this. Hopefully, I can stick to this challenge I have set myself and when the challenge has finished, I treat sweets like I normally would and not how I am doing at the moment. Xx

  2. You can do it. Fruits are naturally sweet, but full of good antioxidants and vitamins if you crave something sweet. Good luck, Liz!

    1. I love my fruit and so my fruit will be my go to. I know it will be difficult still for me this time. But I am looking forward to my challenge.

  3. This is certainly quite the challenge. Not one I would ever attempt as I know I’d fail but if this is something you want to do, then I know you can do it. I was about to say fruit is a good alternative but I just spotted you said that in a comment reply above. Love apples and grapes (even though, disgustingly, I have to spit the skins back out because of my stoma!) they’re super tasty and give you a natural sugar fix.xx

    1. Hi Caz. Yes, apples I find work for me too and grapes. But how bad I have been with the too much eating of sweets. Binging at odd times, when I had the bad craving to eat more, the apples and grapes were not fixing. So this is why I am going to set this challenge. Whether I will fail, I don’t know. But I know my attitude is the same as I was with regards my mum and that family member who promised coffee for over a year but failed. I have had a enough without how I have ate bad sweet stuff in a way I don’t usually do. So hopefully this attitude will put me in my place and I find I do this, which I hope then resets how I would usually have my sweets and desserts.

  4. Good luck with it…. keep on trucking… you’re worth it!
    Sending hugs and strength…
    Love, light and glitter

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