Fibbing Friday – 13th March

It’s Fibbing Friday and I am joining in with todays, hosted by Pensitivity101, which between her and PCGuyIV, they have kept Fibbing Friday going. To join in where these original questions came from and to see how to play, then do click on the original link below.

1. Why do we throw some over our shoulder if we spill salt? I don’t know what the fuss is, but as I have got older that wonder and fascination as a child has gone, when I watch an adult do it and me having a go.

2. Why is it unlucky to walk under a ladder? Depending on whether it’s someone painting, or a window cleaner, you don’t want to be unlucky with a possible event of their bucket. Unless of course you are re-creating that advert for insurance, then they will be the ones that have to watch out.

3. What’s so lucky about the number 7? I don’t know. But I still like to think of it lucky. Who wants number 9?

4. Why is a rabbit’s foot considered lucky? It’s not lucky for the rabbit. Poor thing.

5. Unlucky for some, 13. Why? I don’t know. But hold on. Oh my, it’s Friday 13th today. Lock your doors and don’t watch any scary movies.

6. Why is a baker’s dozen 13? A baker that lost count, or decided to throw in a freebie.

7. How many years bad luck will a broken mirror supposedly give you? I don’t know. Never broken one.

8. Why is wearing green at a wedding considered unlucky? Oh. I learnt something new. I have not heard of this one.

9. Why do we say Third Time Lucky? Well, you used your other two up and if you like me, I don’t try for a fourth.

10. Why are black cats considered luckier or more unlucky than cats of a different colour? My black cat was gorgeous. Lucky to have me and mum her owners. She definitely wasn’t bad luck.


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