Give thanks to your…

Give thanks to your:

  • NHS
  • Council staff
  • Supermarket staff
  • Emergency staff

Because without these. Where would we be?

I have not witnessed it but have read how colleagues in supermarkets who are doing a dam good job to try and keep their stores stocked, being abused by the public.
Don’t abuse them! They are not the ones that have been panic buying. Those people who have panicked bought, are to blame. And not surprising, to see a photo on the front page of a newspaper today, of an elderly man looking at his shopping list and the shelves are empty. Just how many vulnerable and elderly people are struggling to get what they need because selfish panic buyers bought more than they needed? Supermarkets would not have been in this situation, had people bought sensibly.

I can’t believe that I am witnessing, what I once watched in films. You selfish people have made these films come true, because you strip the shelves bare, not thinking of other people. Then there is you, who abuse staff in supermarkets.

I hope this photo that apparently has gone viral, that I see on today’s front page of the Metro paper shames you, that panic buyed.

Then we have our NHS. These are dedicated staff helping us. They are on the front line. They can’t stay at home in fear of catching this virus. If they did that, we would have no NHS to go to. So I hope you are grateful and I hope you are speaking to them with respect.

Then we have our emergency services. Again, where would be, if we did not have them.

Then there might be some things that are no so obvious, because the way the service is normally delivered has changed or stopped. But because they have changed, or stopped, doesn’t mean they are home putting their feet up. Some will have to work from home, while some like myself still have to go to work.

My job may change in the coming weeks. I don’t know. No one knows. But I won’t be out of a job. I will be doing what is needed of me, if asked. Even if it’s a different role than normal, or temporary at a different place. This is to keep important services running.


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14 thoughts on “Give thanks to your…

  1. LizI couldn’t agree more with all that you have said. What a sad state we are in. Take care Liz, and thankyou for what YOU do.

    1. It is a sad state we are in, Lorraine.
      I can’t remember the films I have seen. But I remember feeling scared watching them. Thinking to myself what if this happened. Yet here we are. 😢 I just can’t believe it, with people’s behaviours of being nasty and hoarding of food.

      Thank you. My role as a cleaner, I will continue to clean. But to keep services running, I may find I could be cleaning temporary elsewhere if short staffed, or doing a different role. If a different role, I will take that as experience.

  2. You are absolutely right. I think about the people still out there everyday exposing themselves and trying to get their work done, people are mean when they are going through the different stages of loosing anything and we all have to face that we have lost our old life and move forward with a new way of living but everyone should always be grateful and kind to each other.

    1. Yes, we should always be grateful and kind to one another. This virus we are all affected and so not alone by it.

  3. Well said Liz, I only went shopping one morning … took 3 supermarkets to find what I needed BUT the panic and hoarding really shocked me.
    All those services are doing a great job but Aldi here didn’t open until 11 am after stating it would open at 7am … some elderly were carted off in ambulances with No groceries ….

    1. Oh dear. I hope that person is alright.

      It is shocking this whole hoarding thing.

      The supermarkets I have been into say there are queues, I didn’t feel I had long to wait.
      God… I bet they can’t wait to get home at the end of their shift.

      1. those poor staff must be shattered, that was an elderly woman who had stood in the sun waiting four hours for Aldi to open … and the other ambulance, I didn’t see the patient. So sad they felt the need to wait that long!

  4. I agree Liz, I think it’s dreadful the way people are running around stores with trollies piled high – what about the rest of us?
    I’m fortunate that I have a well-stocked pantry with all my go-to dry foods like pulses and lentils together with lots of herbs and spices so I’ll just live out of the cupboards if and when the shops run out 😉

    1. Luckily for me, I have been able to get what I want food wise.
      As for toilet rolls, I am fine, as I had plenty before all this started. But seeing empty shelves where toilet rolls should be, I am thinking will I get my gands on any, when needed.

      1. Yes. I have that memory of using newspaper as a kid too. I wouldn’t like to go that way again. But then I hardly ever read one.

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