It’s the weekend

I treated myself to flowers on Wednesday, so I had something colourful to look at. Especially at the weekend. The roses are a lovely colour, don’t you think? 🙂


Friday, I went and collected a book I reserved from my local library. The book is called, “Elevator Pitch,” by Linwood Barclay. It sounds a very good book, but I may be setting myself in for disappointment when I get to the end, from what I have been told.
The library has already closed by the time this post airs, until further notice, because of the Coronavirus. So the book will be in my possession until they are open again.

I can continue my work in my evening job. I have filled in a risk assessment form with my boss and signed, which acknowledges my asthma, my job, and my risk, but where I am happy to work still.
No adaptions can be made in the role I do, for this virus.
They are letting me work as long as I want to. If I want to change my mind, I can and let them know at anytime. But I won’t change my mind. So I am happy knowing I can keep working.

As I say nothing can be changed in my job I do, than what I do already and what I use. But there are a lot less staff in the building than before, due to them having to work from home. A majority of the time, I work on my own, with exception when I am with others because of another area we have to cover due to less cleaning staff and at the start and end of shift. I feel more at risk in a supermarket, than at my workplace. 

Masks were suggested by a reader in another post. Masks have not been offered at me to work and I won’t ask. It has been said by professionals, that surgical masks are really of no use, unless you are using those type of masks hospital staff would be wearing. (I can’t remember the names of those.) But the surgical masks, are to be used by those with the infection.
I will not wear a surgical mask in my job, because I would put myself at further risk, because of constantly messing with it, putting myself at risk, due to touching my face while adjusting it, as the professionals have mentioned. But also, as I am deaf, so I am aware how hindering a mask is to those that need to lipread, or just don’t hear me. So if I need to talk to a member of staff, they may need to see all my face to hear me. So I would be touching my face mask.
The only time I would ever wear one, if I am ever in a situation where I am deep cleaning the place, meaning I am head to toe in gear accordingly, incuding those safer type masks I would request. But as this is a more serious type of virus for the vulnerable, I think that’s where I would draw a line and would say no to me participating, should this arise.
My morning job, the boss of that one is waiting to hear from another department for this. But it will probably be a risk assessment form also. I am a lone worker there and only people I see are in passing, a little later in my shift, of some of the businesses that operate in these units I clean.

Link below takes you to WHO (World Health Organization) regarding masks:

Yesterday, I chose to stay at home, rather than volunteer at litter picking, as I mentioned I would in, My feelings – part 7 on Thursday night.

I did a couple of household chores, before watching dvd’s and I have started working on my second pom pom bunny. I promise I will share those bunnies in their own post later. When I do, look out for a post called, “Hello bunnies.”

I watched:

  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle

Why I did not ever bother watching these films sooner, because I enjoyed watching them better than I expected.

I collected dvd’s from my neighbour in the afternoon and passed on ones I watched from before. I have a couple of films and the rest music dvd’s in this lots to watch.
I played a couple of the music dvd’s that afternoon to early evening.

Today, I watched one of my own dvd’s this morning, which was Graham Norton. Later, after lunch I plan to watch some more of the music dvd’s and then start on that book.

What’s your weekend like? Do share, because our weekends are probably so different right now to what we normally do and it gives ideas for other readers on what they could do. 

Reliable sources for info on Conornavirus and how to protect yourself (The last two being UK links, so you would need to source appropiate links for your country):

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29 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

  1. I love the color of those roses. I’m used to going out on weekends, but for now enjoying other hobbies like baking. I’m learning about organization and listening to more music while I clean out clutter.

    1. Enjoy doing different things.
      My roses are still looking lovely. I hope they continue like that all week.

    1. I’m comfortable about where I work. It might have been a different matter had I still been at the hospital. My reaction may have been different.
      I hope morning one lets me continue when my boss has heard back from their department.

      I am really liking these roses and I hope they continue for another week.

    1. I’m happy too I can continue, as you know. I don’t feel anymore at risk there as it would be if I had to stay at home. I still have to go out and shop. Thankfully though, I shouldn’t need to shop now till end of the week and that will only be a bag of things.
      Those roses are more open now since the photo. They are still lovely to look at. Xx

  2. I much prefer to watch music DVD because of being deaf. I feel I get life enjoyment out of watching music then listening to it only.

    1. I know through the music dvd’s I am watching today and how I am enjoying them, I need to get some of my own. So I intend to get some next pay day, if not before, if I can get my hands on them at Cex.

  3. I’m happy you can work still. When you can’t, I think the government will be paying some of the wage. You’d have to look it up as I haven’t actually looked it up myself.
    I’m happy you’re getting to relax this weekend and ready for a new week.
    Love, light, and glitter

    1. My work place would pay my wages being vulnerable, should I choose not to. Or if later, depending on circumstances they think I should not work. But I need to work. It’s therapy for me.
      But yes, government are doing something on the line with wages, to those affected.
      I am having a lovely weekend thank you. I hope you are too. X

  4. The hospital masks that are recommended for COVID-19 are called N95 masks. They are nearly impossible to find though. Your roses are very lovely. Stay safe and healthy! 🙏🏻🌹🌹

    1. Thanks for that regarding the masks. Yes, these ones are hard to find I read.

      I think the roses will last all this week, which will be nice if they do.
      Stay safe too. X

  5. Your flowers are beautiful!
    Great that you’re still able to work. I’m waiting for our office to go into lock down so that we can work from home, I really need that peace of mind.
    Ah I love Chrlies Angel’s 1 and 2. Wish they made a third instead of the reboot.
    Stay safe Liz xxx

    1. I will try to stay safe as much as I can. I know I could be safer by not working. But as you know, I don’t feel anymore at risk, than being in a supermarket. Which living on my own, I still have to get my shopping.
      Thank you.

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