I am officially at home

My latest after seeing a text this morning, that came late last night from my evening employer.

We are all at home now, as their buildings are closed to staff and public.

So with not working in a morning and latest with evening one. I am officially at home now.


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7 thoughts on “I am officially at home

    1. I think they are looking at a good few weeks. But nothing has been said how long. I expect it going into months.

      I have not long opened my curtains and blinds after deciding to get up and I can’t believe the recycling fabrics factory behind me is operating. I sent them an email saying why are you still working, when non-essential businesses are suppose to close.

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    1. Thank you. But I am not alone, as my other colleagues are in the same vote.

      Yes, I have kept myself busy so far today. I have finished off the white pom bunny this morning, so I was able to share both I made in “Hello bunnies” post I aired today. I just want a pink ribbon bow on the white bunny, when I have some.

      I have watched a couple of dvd’s and now making start on my lunch before I watch another.

      I am then looking at something else to do and then a bit of reading.

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