My miracle handcream

O'Keefs Working Hands hand cream

Those that follow my blog for some time now, will know I can get problem hands. I have had contact dermatitis before, which I experienced more in my old job, than I do now. But as for hands still getting sore and cracked come winter, they can flare back up.

In the past, I have had a couple of hand creams I have liked and recommended, but now, the above cream pictured, is my go to. This hand cream has become my miracle cream.

O’Keeffes Working Hands hand cream, I have been using 2 weeks today. I started using this cream when I could not stop my hands from getting sorer and sorer with my usual hand cream. My left hand was worser than my right. My left hand being the sore hand.

From just a few days in, I could see the difference and before the week was out, my right hand was better and all clear. My left hand was getting better but not fully right at this point, with it being my worst hand, but after a week it had.

Now my hands are back to being healed and healthy, I still plan to use this cream, in between my other I have left. But I won’t be buying anymore of my previous hand cream for regular use. This will be my hand cream now.

The only hand cream I will use in between will be when I use my hand cream at home that I find a relaxing smell, which was the Boots Live + Be. When I need that relaxing smell. Youcan find that in this post, Some relaxing products I have been trying.

I have known about O’Keeffe’s Working Hands hand cream for some time and I have read really good reviews about it. But it was the price that put me off and I did wonder if the cream was good as it claimed. But now I have used it and seen for myself how good it is, I totally recommend it.

You only need a small amount as the package says, because your hands apparently will feel sticky if you put too much on. Although to start with, you may need a little more, which I did. But I only needed a little more than the recommended for 3 days. After that, I put on just a small amount. The cream is not greasy and my hands feel great.

The amount I use is less than what I would use with my previous cream, so this cream is going to last me and I can see it not being expensive for me in the long run as I previously thought.


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6 thoughts on “My miracle handcream

  1. It’s great you like this one – it’s one I was so curious about but never tried myself because of the price. Now that my hands are even worse, with lots of small splits, I wish I had one. I actually bought the box gift set thingy for my mum for Christmas, which comes with a pot of the hand stuff, pot of foot stuff (you might like that too) and a lip balm. She says it’s really good and keeps offering me some, might have to give it a go out of desperation. I’ve currently got Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, which is really nice but not quite hardcore enough. Keep protecting your paws, Liz xx

    1. Palmers it what I have bern using prior and still use a bit of in between while I still have it, after finding Palmers was better for me at the time than Aveeno. Although I am not knocking Aveeno. But O’Keeffe’s like you, I was curious, but it was the price. But now my hands are ok as I write this, I will definitely continue using. I am very impressed.

    2. I have seen the box set and I bet it is good. But at the moment my hand cream is the most important for me and so I will just use this in this range.

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