Hello chick

So the same person who inspired me to make my own pom pom bunnies, has also gave instructions on how to make a pom pom chick: https://ourlittleredhouseblog.com/2020/03/21/diy-pom-pom-chicks/

Here is my pom pom chick.

Pom pom chick in yellow colour wool

And my pom pom chick next to my pom pom bunnies I made earlier in the week.

Pom pom bunnies and pom pom chick


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16 thoughts on “Hello chick

  1. Those are the cutest lil babies!! Those would go perfect in Easter baskets. My mom makes seasonal Gnomes using socks. They are a quick project that she has turned into a profit maker.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes, they be nice in Easter baskets.
      Seasonal gnomes using socks sounds interesting that your mum does.

  2. Simply adorable. That vase of roses looks beautiful too! I hope we see more crafting feats in the future. 🙂

    1. Thank you. Those blue roses are fake which where I voluteer, they let me have and I recycled a jam jar for them. Inside the jam jar, I have glass stones for decorative purposes. People have certainly admired them, that have seen them.

      1. They certainly looked real. They make for a great centerpiece. ❤

      2. I just love that blue. They caught my eye instantly and they said I could have them, or any others I wanted. But I am happy with these.
        My neighbour, when he first seen them last month he thought they were real. They are catching his eye everytime since.

    1. Thank you. The last time and only time I made one was when I was at infants school. I can’t remember what I made, but I can remember the colour of the wool. Was kinda blue with soeckled purple bits.

    1. You’re welcome.

      My chick is on my shelf now and my bunnies next to my lamp. Both in my living room.

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