My views for today

Roses and sunshine a view from inside my flat

I chose to lie in this morning and have a relaxaing day.

It’s lovely and, sunny and my roses as you can see above, are still doing well.

I finished my chick, as I shared in a post before this one.

I was going to have a chippy at lunch time, but my local chippy have changed their opening times to just evening. So to not waste my journey I went into the supermarket, as it is just opposite, to get my essentials out of my remaining budget of this week. So I won’t be going again until Tuesday preferably. But it may be Monday.
On observation at my supermarket, the entrances are done so that one is exit and other entrance. I could clearly see the exit, but another chap ahead of me who seen it just last minute still tried to go in through what was now exit. But he didn’t get far, just like another after in front of me tried and he was told to go round to the other entrance to come in, which just adds only a few seconds to your walk. So not that hard is it, to just follow instructions and do as you are told.
As I have cash, I am already aware from my email received from this supermarket yesterday, that if paying by cash, they like you to use self-service tills. I don’t like em. But I used it without making a fuss. I was in and back home in 20 minutes, which was my plan. They had tape near the checkouts to help you observe the social distance.

Not long ago, I decided to email the ward that my mum is on, to see how they are doing on there, since this Coronavirus has come about and checking if they are allowing visitors on, or stopping it for the time being. (My last contact with the ward was November.) Pointing out though, that I won’t be coming anytime soon, even after virus has cleared out the country. I just wanted to check and see if mum was getting involved in any of the activities they are doing on there, that I have been looking at on their Twitter account for the ward.

I also decided to email mum’s social worker after. Last time I heard from her was January. I wanted to check in particular my mum’s bungalow, that she hadn’t lost it and if she was able to work with my mum to sort out in regards paying the rent she was owing.

Been in conversation with my morning employer via their app we use this afternoon, after their update on their newsfeed. A worrying time with regards to this one, whether I get my wages from the point of where I had to stand down in my job. Time will tell later. Especially if portal has not been created by then, that employers will need to use to claim wages Government said they would pay, for workers affected. I was worried about dipping into my savings again, if that’s the case that I am trying to build up for my long term goal. But when I think about it, I shouldn’t find it tight this next pay as I first thought, but it’s the month after that, if it’s not sorted and we are still in the same scenario.

Although it seems I have been busy, today has been a more rather laid back affair and it will continue like this for the remainder of the day. Enjoying the sun coming into my flat.

I plan to continue reading my book once this post airs and then watch a dvd, or two. I may pop back on this evening here. I may not. I’m going with the flow.


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23 thoughts on “My views for today

  1. Hopefully there won’t be any difficulties with getting government assistance. It sounds like governments are at least trying to do the right thing, but whether the implementation will go smoothly is a whole other question.

    1. Yes, the Government is trying, but whether it goes as they plan, I don’t know.
      Vulnerable people and the elderly are not getting what is promised, as in making sure they get food. I know of one blogger who is finding it tough and upsetting while they have practically nothing, as well as hearing it from others trying to get a delivery in, but have a very long wait.

      1. It is.
        With me having asthma the NHS texted to say how I must not go out. But as I live on my own, I have to go out, when I want food. I am trying to limit to once a week, but I know it will have to be twice a week.
        I am not going to shop online and wait for an online shop that is likely not to have all I asked. Plus it’s not in my budget to shop online now. I have not shopped online since before I no longer had my last cat, with cost of deliveries.

      2. You’ve got to make the choice that works for you given the circumstances, and staying in when living alone just isn’t always feasible.

  2. Random thought: Chippy is the word that my mom uses for squirrels. It drives my dog crazy when my mom says, “Zoë, go get the chippy!”

    Another random thought: Your metal shelf looks like the shelf we have. Did you get it from IKEA?

      1. I think chippy is slang for squirrel or chipmunk. My aunt coined the term when she had a dog. I have never heard anyone else use it besides my aunt and my mom. Still…when I think of “chippy”, I think of potato ships.

      2. Chippy is only time I have heard it for chips, from fish and chip shop, which is what I was on about in my post.
        But yes elsewhere chips are a completely different thing in another country. So it’s interesting, as well as probably confusing at times.
        This conversation has just reminded me of the time when I met my American friend in London and when I talked about chips, was when I learnt how what I was talking about, is completely a different thing their way. So we were having a good chat about it, the differences: what we call chips, they call fries, etc..

      3. Yes, we call “chips” French Fries🍟 And “crisps” we refer to as potato chips. To make things more confusing, Canadians have a dish called poutine, which is essentially French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. For many years I refused to try it because it didn’t sound appetizing at all but it’s actually pretty good!

  3. We’re all going with the flow at the moment – it’s all we can do… Also – thanx for mentioning the changed times for chippies, I’m craving some good comfort food! I’ll check mine out over the weekend… 👍❤

    1. Yes, that’s all you can do, go with the flow.
      Yes, my chippy would normally be open from 11am for lunchtime, as well as evening. But they are just displaying evening times, while the virus is going on.

    1. Thank you and it’s nice to hear you are enjoying reading.
      I hope this continues with me in my second week. X

      1. Excellent, with that attitude you’re setting yourself up to succeed! Well done! You may have seen Ted Talk Growth Mindset by Carol Dweck. If not, I think you’d find it interesting. Xx

      2. I haven’t seen it, but I have limited GB of Internet, so it’s rare I watch videos. I only watch when on last day of my allowance and I am at a lower point than usual with it, with the use of it during this virus.
        I am used to not watching online video recordings here and there anyway, as mostly I find they don’t contain subtitles.

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