Fibbing Friday – 27th March

It’s Fibbing Friday. How to play and where these questions came from today, then please visit

1. What was the significance of the little white dot on the TV screen at 11 pm?I tried Googling this one to see what it was. But I couldn’t find anything. So please tell me the true meaning of thus one. In meantime, my ridiculous lie: It’s supposed to be a one minute warning to let you know you coming past your bedtime. Adults need to be told it’s time for bed too. If after 11.05pm you have not turned your tv off, the tv will explode in 10 seconds.
2. Who were the Woodentops? Long distance relatives if the woodpecker family.
3. What is meant by the Gravy Train?A long squishy ride.
4. Who sang about flowers in the rain?The flower pot men.
5. What do the initials MP stand for?Mindfulness Prick.
6. What was Jiminy Cricket’s job? Minding the cricket field, while observing to his left and to his right.
7. Why are diamonds measured in carats?They were thinking about their vegetables at the time.
8. What do Kimball and Hammond have in common? Hamsters.
9. What is a swizzle stick? Nice sweety flavour candy. Long ever lasting.
10. What are chick peas? Easter chocolate.

11 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday – 27th March

  1. Good answers.

    In the days before so much choice of TV and channels, at the end of transmission, a little white dot would appear on the screen with a shrill tone…………….. so you were probably right about it being a reminder to turn off your TV, but I doubt the Mission Impossible self destruct bit. Thanks for playing along

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