It’s the weekend

I finished my book last night, that I mentioned in last week’s It’s the weekend post. I found it gripping all the way through. But although the book had an ending and you knew who the killer was, it was rather an abrupt finish. But I still enjoyed it.

Today will be dvd’s, after some household chores.
I also plan to repot my Peace lily, as roots are showing outside the pot.

Tomorrow, I think I will do a bit of colouring too. Then a dvd later in the afternoon, to early evening time, while pampering my feet and if I feel like it, I will paint my nails.

What’s your weekend plans? 


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12 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

  1. Hi Liz. Sounds like a very relaxing weekend for you. That book sounds good. I didn’t get the title of it. What was it? Might get it iff Amazon onto my Kindle App then vouce over reads it to me. Enjoy your colouring. Our weekebd will be same as usual – me in bed as I can’t sit on a chair for pain, but wilk be in here quite a lot itherwise I go stir crazy with boredom. Have a good day Liz.

    1. Here, the weather looks like it’s going to rain most of the time, while the sun tries to break out. There has been a little bit of rain. But only a little.

  2. Glad to hear you’re still keeping busy Liz. I was busy sorting out my site the last three day so today I’m enjoying catching up with everyone’s blog posts. And it’s great — finally being able to put my tuppence worth in 😉 I missed being so vocal lol. I see you have a later post so I’m off to read it now.

    You stay well, safe and active my lovely. Caz x

    1. Stay well and safe too Caz. Enjoy catching up here, as well as at other blogs you read. Enjoy.

      I am currently watching dvd’s as I just pop in. I just had a 5 minute pause, so I could put a rainbow in my window for outside to see that may observe in passing. I did it double-sided, so I see the rainbow too. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a good weekend! 🙂 I’ve been watching plenty of movies this weekend, such as romantic comedies, Casablanca, James Bond, Braveheart. And I also baked apple cake on Saturday 😀 Have a good night Liz 🙂

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