Display your rainbow

Rainbow with words stay safe

You may have already seen, or heard about rainbows being displayed in windows in the UK, as well as other countries.

Have you joined in and displayed yours?

You can get your own rainbow from Pensitivity 101, if you like this one pictured in my post. Or you can be creative and paint one, like others have done and that I first seen and heard about elsewhere.
However you choose to do yours, do spread your love and care by displaying a rainbow in your window.

I did mine double-sided, so I could see the rainbow too.

You can easily Google, or if you Facebook and Twitter the following hastags and see other people’s rainbows:

#rainbowsinwindows #chasetherainbow


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28 thoughts on “Display your rainbow

    1. It’s a lovely idea for whoever started it first. I read it waa Italy that started displaying their rainbows first. But then somewhere else, it mentioned a different country.
      But it is a lovely way to spread joy and kindness, while coming together. Xx

    1. You’re welcome. Yes, didn’t want to see just a white paper, so I thought why not look at the rainbow too myself. 🙂

    1. The view from main road and where I live is covered partly by trees, but I am hoping someone may see my rainbow and smile. But failing that, anyone coming up my drive and those that live in my block and the block next door of flats they will definitely see it, if looking that way. 🙂

      1. It’s already been spotted by neighbour. I have printed them one off after wondering where I got it. 🙂

    1. It makes slightly more difficult I agree. Make it bigger. 😁
      I have just this minute printed one off for my neighbour, as his wife wondered where I got my rainbow from. He came up to see if I would like some bread while asking about the rainbow, but I said I would be ok until my next shop, so he was going to see if our other neighbour would want the bread, which he probably would need more than me.

      1. Yes, it was lovely if them to offer the bread. Bread I have never had an issue getting and I take so much out the freezer as I need so no wastage which I have done before this virus came along.
        Where he was going to ask next, he might be in need of it more than me.
        Yes, it was nice neighbour showing interest in rainbow. I was happy to print one off. He offered to pay for it, but I saud no way, it’s just a piece of paper and ink. I was more than happy to print one off. 🙂

      2. Yes, it’s lovely and something I have not experienced on this level before elsewhere. But here experiencing it, has not been surprising because of the neighbours they are. They are lovely. 🙂

    1. Thank you.
      I think it’s lovely how people are joining in with the rainbow and how it all started because of difficult time we are living in.

      1. Yes, it is.
        But it’s sad reading again, on how there are scum spitting and other disgusting things toward our NHS staff.

    1. It is a nice idea. I shall certainly look out for rainbows on my travel, when I have to go out. Starting with my neighbour who I print one off for. 🙂

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