Last day of March

It’s the last day of March and it doesn’t feel real. From since last week, while not working in either jobs, I have been forgetting what day it is. Thank goodness my phone works to tell me the day. I know I forget, but my goodness, forgetting what day it was practically every day, from first day I wasn’t working. It felt a little extreme for me forgetting so badly at this level. But I bet I am not alone.

Well… from today, things change a little for me. I will be working from today in my evening job, after they asked me if I was fine with this. Although it won’t be be in the evening I am working, as my shift will start in the afternoon, for four hours. I am glad while things are as they are currently, that I am in earlier. So as I will be doing this, means I will get my walk in while I am at it. I never went out for a walk otherwise, than when it was to the shop twice a week for groceries.

Since the lockdown where we could only go for essentials, health reasons, work if it absolutely could not be done at home and just for exercise while observing social distance, I have anxiety on the idea of going out and when I am out walking. This anxiety being the cause of how other may behave in a negative way, rather than the virus. So I hope by going to work Monday to Friday again, that my anxiety will go.

As I was writing this post, I received a text from my counsellor. She wanted to check up on me and see I was doing ok in this awful time we are all at, at the moment. So a few text chats back and forth have been happening this morning.


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24 thoughts on “Last day of March

    1. Thank you.

      I can’t believe how bad I was. Starting from first day I wasn’t working.

      I have been offered possible further overtime, if I want it. But I have declined that. I don’t mind doing the few hours extra now I am doing. But I don’t want to increase my risk by doing more. Given the circumstances. So I found my limit in how far I am prepared to go.


    1. Yes, it was nice to have a text chat.
      It’s nice to get back to work. Just strange it’s earlier and routine is different as it is just me with only certain areas needing doing.
      There is an opportunity for possibly further extra hours later. But I have declined that, given the nature of the whole thing with this virus. I feel I would be pushing my luck with my health if I do and increasing my risk.

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      1. I will mention about work this weekend. Not sure what post whether my ‘It’s a weekend post’ or feelings post. But I will bring up then, with as much as I can say about work. I am always careful as what to say, because I don’t want to get into details about work itself. It’s why I don’t say much, than say for example loving it, or missing it for example. 🙂

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      2. It’s just working out my words and where best to place it. It might be a feelings type post. But I shall have to see. I feel at the moment my head is not in the place. But then I have just relaxed after having anxiety all this afternoon, until back at home.
        As I write this, I am seeing it may be written as a feeling type post. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for sharing. It’s surprising just how when your daily life changes, just how forgetful you become at what day it is.


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