It’s the weekend

My white pom pom rabbit, now has its pink bow.

Pom pom rabbits. The white one now having a pink bow

I still have not got round with my other bunny. (A lop eared bunny.) Poms poms are made, but it’s motivating myself to shape them by trimming, glueing together, etc.. I seem to have settled with dvd’s.

And that is where this weekend lies. I just plan on watching dvd’s this weekend, with a little bit of housework in between today. That’s my weekend. Dvd’s mainly, with ocassionally looking out my window and see what bird activity there is. I have been observing two pigeons in particular these past two weeks, getting rather matey. If you know what I mean. 😁

I plan to purposely go to the supermarket again just to get a couple if things after the incident I blogged about here, in How are deaf people managing communication-wise during the time of Coronavirus? This is my way of saying to my anxiety, you ain’t going to make me worse after that. I felt I couldn’t leave it until my next shop and so when I went to the shop today, it was to treat myself. 

And speaking of dvd’s. My neighbour bought some more up, as well as some cd’s. I am still yet to watch my other pile from them. Lol I am busy in this department still. 😁

I hear the weather will be nice this weekend, so I think an hour or two is called for sitting in the garden, rather than my flat, having a break from dvd’s and feeling the air.

As you know, since Tuesday, I am back cleaning in my evening job. But rather than evening, I am in a much earlier time, as my shift starts in the afternoon. This continues like this, while we are as a country, affected by this virus, following our Government guidelines.
Going to work, or when I get my groceries twice a week is the only time I go out to walk. I am in my flat otherwise.

It is just me working in the afternoon, cleaning. Another cleaner is in at the morning. Some things we both cover on our shifts, while other areas are given for each of us to do. Only certain areas are covered with only certain amount of staff in, who are restricted to where they can go in the building. It’s strange not seeing my other colleagues who I would normally see in my shift and its weird coming in at this earlier time. But while the country is where it is currently, I am glad I am in at this time, as I think my anxiety would go further through the roof, walking home in the evenings.

There is a possibility of even more extra hours at my workplace. But I have declined those. I am happy to do the extra few I am doing now, but I feel if I do any more than that, than I feel I am putting myself even more at risk. So I have found my limit and my comort zone. Anything more, I won’t do.

I looked for rainbows on my first day walking to work and I have been looking each day after for anymore. I seen 12. One being my neighbour displaying theirs, after I printed one off for them.

My anxiety is the main issue since I have commented in earlier posts about that, since being on lockdown. The thing is, I seem to be good not showing it regardless how I feel. It’s not something I deliberately do, so I put this down to one thing, being a survivor and how it has been said to me by a counsellor in the past, because this is all I have known from childhood with the different things I have had. I just get through it somehow. But please don’t ask how. I don’t know the answer. It’s just something I have done from a kid.

Do you seem to be good at hiding anxiety?

As I have said in an earlier post and I think in my comments, my anxiety starts before I go out to walk and I have had it through my shift too. Then it’s still there till I get home. My throat tight by that point I notice when home. But thankfully it starts to ease before I eat, otherwise I am know to not be able to swallow my food, meaning I can’t enjoy what I eat.

I am hoping my anxiety disappears in the end when going out, but being in a different world, I start to wonder. But my anxiety has decreased a little at work from second day back, if no where else.

What’s your weekend?

Also, do you get paranoid at the thought if you get a sniffle, or more, you wonder what the other’s will be thinking around you? Even though you know it’s not the virus.
Like for example, while writing this, I not had long something to eat and the sniffles came. I am at home, so need to worry about anyone else, with it just me. But if I had been having a hot meal out? Sniffles only lasted 5 minutes or under, after I finished eating a hot meal. But just using as an example.
The other example was my first day back at work. I got the sniffles about half way walking to work, because the air is cool and I am wearing a scarf to take that coolness off. I felt really sniffly, when I arrived. But it gone in about 10 minutes, or under, with being I was in the warmth.
Hayfever season soon for me, so itchy nose with sneeezing possibly at times and you may remember what unexpected issues I had last year, how it triggered my asthma. So I will be paranoid about coughing, if I get it like last year. Although, with being dairy-free, I should find I do not have phlegm issues like last year, which I noticed improvements last year when I had a cold.
I just started my tablets for my hayfever ready a few days ago, in preparation so it is in my system before I start showing the signs in May. But last year, it caught me out with it starting much earlier. I have had tiny symptoms showing odd times in past month, but not to affect me.

‘Coffee promiser’ texted me two days ago, to see if I was ok, with all this Coronavirus going on. I answered back, but just because I have doesn’t mean I am going to keep the ball rolling and keep texting myself out the blue. She can do the chasing. (For those who are new and not aware while I call this so called family member coffee promiser, you will have to just look for that answer in last years posts. They are there somewhere, the answer to that. I am not going back on this story again here.)

A rather different weekend style of post to what I usually write. So if you have read all through, then thank you for reading. 


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19 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

  1. What a lovely post and it’s good to hear what’s going on in your life … I do cleaning too although mine is for individual people so that’s all dried up for now. I’m looking forward to when this is all over and I can continue with it again. Stay safe and enjoy the weekend! Katie

    1. Hi Katie and thank you for your comment. That’s a drop to your income then, because of your situation. I hope you won’t be greatly affected by it.
      I know I am concerned regarding my morning one. But as for evening one, I know my income is fine there.

      1. That’s sweet of you … it’s fine. My husband works from home so we’re ok … it’s really about me having my own money although frankly we’re not spending anything now apart from on food which is really good. Hope you are ok and glad you’re able to do some work and keep going! Xx

      2. Glad to hear you are ok money-wise and health of course. Yes food, toiletries, hamster food and, bedding and is the only thing on my mind and paying, as well as the bills.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to your weekend post – and as always, you never let me down Liz 🙂 Your pom pom bunnies are gorgeous, it’s such a shame, this damn virus, cos you could be giving those out at Easter.

    Glad to hear you’re still keeping busy with your dvd’s and cd’s. What you been watching? We’ve got Bosch on almost 24/4 lol. Seen it all before but hubby loves it.

    The weather’s gorgeous here too and I might try to get myself out there sometime today 🙂 You put me to shame with your busyness lol.
    You keep doing what you’re doing Liz, it’s clearly working for you. Caz x

    1. Hi ya and thank you for your comment and looking forward to this post. Glad you enjoyed reading this post.
      One of the dvd’s I have just finished watching 10 minutes ago and that I have been watching just over a week, or nearly 2 weeks is Land of the Giants. So this was a trip down memory lane. I remember most in first, but not second season so it either did not come on tv, or I just did not know with being young and so missed it. So I have been enjoying these.
      I shall be watching some Stargate Atlantis next, today.
      I had no plans making more bunnies than the two I have shared. No plans dishing any out, unless someone made an offer and bought them off me upfront, then I may consider. But for now, I am enjoying my display and not forgetting that chick too. 🙂

      1. I love your weekend posts Liz, they always make me smile. Oh, sorry to miss out little chick, he’s definitely cute too 🙂 Didn’t realise you were into science fiction – my least favourite? I’d have had you down as loving psychological thrillers for some odd reason. lol.
        That would have been great if you’de been able to sell your bunnies and chicks – maybe next year 🙂 x

      2. I don’t mind thrillers too and a few horrors. But I only watch a couple of hortors now and again. I don’t make it a regular thing.
        I like action films and love stories as well as true stories. I am quite varied.

        In the past I loved watching Angel and Buffy.
        I enjoy Star Trek and Star Wars. Grew up watching that.
        And another I love watching from a child, Norman Wisdom.

      3. Now you’re talking — any of thos apart from horror. Hubby doesn’t even like me watching thrillers – I’m too jumpy lol.

        Hahahaha, Norman Wisdom – I loved that as a kid lol He was brilliant x

      4. Yes, if I watch too many horrors, I notice I can be extra jumpy than normal. So it’s certainly a rare one if I do watch.
        Thrillers make me jump, but no lasting affects like horror.
        I have my own set of Norman Wisdom, which I will never part with.

  3. That’s nice that you’ll have the chance to sit out in the garden. And good for you for going to the store to treat yourself and show anxiety who’s boss.

    1. Thank you Ashley. I knew I couldn’t leave it until next week to shop. I had to go back sooner.

  4. Definitely scared everything is the virus. Coughing or sniffling is illegal at the moment.
    I love your rabbit with the added bow! I’m so glad you’re back at work for a bit now…
    Take care!
    Love, light, and glitter

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