Fibbing Friday – 10th April

It’s Fibbing Friday and it’s Pensitivity101’s turn. Pop on over to Pensitivity101 Fibbing Friday post to join in the fun and to link to her post if you are joining in.

1. Why do onions make you cry?
They plan to make you suffer, for slicing them up.
2. Why do vampires not like garlic?
It masks there own smelly breath.
3. Why are individual cakes called Fairy Cakes?
Because when you eat one, you feel you won’t put on weight. But trouble is, they tempt you to have another and then that may lead to another. Before long, you have put on weight and you hope the fairies will wave it off with their little magic wand.
4. How does yeast work?
Lots of air and gas.
5. What’s the difference between vegetable and chicken stock cubes?
The difference if you are a vegetarian or not.
6. How many ways can you cook an egg?
If I start listing, it may become too long.
7. Can potatoes see through their eyes?
Depends if you give them wobbly eyes.
8. Why are carrots supposedly good for you?
Supposed to help you see in the dark. If that was true, we wouldn’t need infra red to see, would we.
9. What are dumplings?
I know what they are. But can I come up with a fib… Nope. Oh well. Nevermind.
10. What are pulses?
Something to keep you going.

8 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday – 10th April

  1. No.8 – Maybe infra-red is for those that don’t like carrots, or are allergic. Actually, are any/many people allergic to carrots? I’ve no idea.
    Another funny Fibbing Friday, Liz! I hope you can have a relaxing Easter weekend lovely xx

    1. I don’t know if anyone can be allergic to carrots. But infra red certainly handy for those that don’t like em.
      Relaxing with cd’s currently, lent by my neighbour. A long weekend of relaxing from work with it being bank holidays.
      Enjoy your weekend. Xx

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