Planning my staycation for May

After last nights discussion at work regarding my annual leave at work, as they wanted to check I was still planning on having these with me being entitled to them, so they could look at getting cover, it looks like life as it is is currently, is not likely to change soon. So if that’s the case and travel is still restricted by then, some things I had planned, for my week off in May, may not be happening. Like my planned travel to Sherwood Forest on my birthday and my day trip to Whitby. So I am planning my Staycation now, just in case I need alternative ideas for then.

Last time I planned my own holiday was when I created my own wellness retreat back in 2017. Travel wasn’t restricted then, so I did have a day out, or two in that time, but most being in the comfort of my own home.
I won’t link to those posts, as they are password protected now and I won’t be accepting anymore requests for access to these, or other password protected posts now, as all posts have written, have been public anyway for some months. But for those that do have the password to access any password protected post, just so you know, it still works, so you can still access them. I don’t plan on password protecting any future posts I write. But ones that are protected, will remain protected.
Readers who have been reading those posts when they were originally aired back in 2017, before they went private last year, will remember that was when that particular weekend ended in sadness, as that was when I discovered my cousin and her husband were killed in a road traffic accident, where they lived.

So back to planning my possible staycation for May. This time, travel restricted, means things are going to be different this time round. But it can still be fun.

I looked for new ideas via the WordPress reader and Google, using ‘staycation ideas,’ for my search. When using Google, I narrowed the search down to the last month. Through searching, I came up with some ideas that I would never have thought of. So with my own ideas and new ones, here is a list I written of some staycation ideas:

  • Have a themed day, like an Italian day, or some other country. You can eat Italian food, read books about Italy for example. This was a new idea for me.
  • Have a zoo day, or just an afternoon of it. There are some zoos around the world that have live cameras, so you may see them in action. Even being fed. Read books on particular animals, or read more online about them. When it comes to your lunch. What do you do normally when at a zoo? If like me, it’s a packed lunch, then make your packed lunch the night before like you normally would, (well I do anyway) and then you have no preparation making it on the day.
  • Have a wildlife day/nature day. Again, this can be a mixture of dvd’s, books, online reading, or watching. Or observing nature in your own doorstep, if you have a garden.
  • Have a spa day. Pamper your body and relax your mind, ranging from facials to pedicures. Nice smelly body lotion after a shower, or a soak in the bath. Scented candles, relaxing sounds. Paint your nails. Something that I did part if in my weekend retreat back in 2017.
  • Virtual travel. There are some free videos online, where you can do a virtual travel. This was something new that I learnt.
  • Picnic in your own back garden. 
  • Picnic on your living room floor. 
  • Dvd night. Watch a film, or a show. Don’t forget your popcorn, if you want that too.
  • Virtual game night.
  • Read a good book, or more.
  • Gardening. 
  • Cooking/baking.
  • Getting crafty. 
  • Camping in your back garden, or on the living room floor.
  • Listen to different music that you wouldn’t normally listen to. Something that I have done more of these last few months.

I haven’t decided on what I am doing for all my days, during the week off work in May. But I have planned a few.


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26 thoughts on “Planning my staycation for May

      1. I shall buy a cake. Don’t know what sort. But as long as its dairy free. It will only be me eating it, with things staying as they are by the looks if it due to Coronavirus. 🙂😋

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  1. Oh Liz, I do love your enthusiasm, you always make me smile. I love the list you’ve come up with and how you’ve adapted things to fit in with ‘lockdown’. Your staycation looks as exciting as any vacation and I look forward to reading all about it. Holiday photos are a must! 😉 Caz x

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    1. I won’t be using all this. But I will use some of it. I am still plsnning my 6 days. I thought I’d share ideas, some that were new for me, that I never thought of, as I mentioned in post. 🙂 I would be very busy if I did them all in 6 days. 😄 But it certainly gives ideas for weekends to come if I wanted, if I run out of dvd’s and ideas. 😁

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      1. 🙂 Yes, I plan to share my staycation each day, when it happens, with some photos.
        My plan will be where I will air my previous day of staycation, so if there are any photos, I can air them and share in full. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I certainly learnt of some new ideas while researching for something new. I will use some of these ideas in my staycation.
      Others can be ideas to use on my weekends if I ever feel I need to do something different.

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    1. Yes. Good tip. I make packed lunches night before and last time when I did a weekend retreat at home, one of my meals was a ready meal. I plan to use a ready meal I know for one of my staycation days. But I am still working on the others.


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