It’s the weekend

Crafts - acrylic painting
A few small acrylic paintings

The above was from last weekend when I said I would be doing some acrylic painting in last week’s It’s the weekend post. This was all I done. It didn’t lead to further inspiration. But if I ever plan to paint a small leafless tree on a rock, I am going to need more practice with that one.

Today, I plan to make more shortbread biscuits this morning. I shall roll it out and use a round circle pastry cutter again than doing it my usual way. I found my shortbread biscuits was much better this way. So this way I plan to do from now on.

I shall listen to some of my neighbours cd’s, this morning.

After lunch, I will watch a dvd of mine, ‘The Contract.’
Then I plan to watch a couple of my neighbours dvd’s, which the first one will be ‘UFO’ and it will last me a fair bit, as it has several dvd’s inside.
‘UFO’ is A Gerry Anderson Production and it contains volumes 1 to 4 inside.
Looking on the back its a 1970’s live action sci-fi thriller. Some of the people that star in this are, Ed Bishop, George Sewell, Michael Bullington and Peter Gordeno. Does ‘UFO’ seem familar to you?
It’s before my time, but whether I have seen any clips of this on tv, if it ever came on later, in the 80’s. I don’t know. Time will tell, when I start playing this.

Sunday, I most definitely be watching dvd’s today. Startingwwith the one I started yesterday, if I am still interested in it.

I will probably mix my day with a couple of cd’s too. Again, the ones from my neighbour.
I have more of Apocalyptica to listen to. So looking forward to that and others I have never head of before. So I don’t know what to expect.

What’s your weekend?


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13 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

  1. Hello Liz. My weekend is not planned at all, but I am hoping to get outside for a bit instead of being cooped up in my bedroom, lying on the bed. We don’t seem to be getting so many birds in our corkscrew willow tree now. Not sure why. We might try to have a very short drive in the car just to get out of this bedroom for awhile as our garden isn’t really big enough to sitting. The lockdown is actually driving me stir crazy simply because are used to rely on being able to go out to relieve my isolation due to blindness. I really need to find new ways of doing this now but it is quite hard at home as I can see nothing. I need to try and think of some new ideas and one thing that I might do this weekend is to begin writing my life story. I have wanted to do this for a very long time but have kept stalling. No words that I can find good to describe my life and I want it to contain humour as well as sadness. So yes, this might be the weekend that I start writing it properly. Have a good weekend Liz xx

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    1. Have a good weekend Lorraine and I hope you find what is right for you to get through these restrictive times. I had my moment yeaterday at work, where I cried. Things getting to me. But my goodness. At least I am working. If I wasn’t, I think I would be stir crazy now.

      It’s raining here today in Nottinghamshire. But I have just been observing some pigeons through my kitchen window and I have had a laugh. I am watching them reclaim the yard. They are having a bath in a large puzzle. Normally they would not be able to do this because of fork trucks and lorries. But as business has closed I think 2 weeks now, be they have no work, all is quite and so the pigeons are enjoying themselves. Xx

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      1. I am so glad for you that you have got your work Liz. So sorry you had a bad moment though yesterday. I have those too. Yesterday was a really bad day for me but hoping for a better one today.

        Do you wear a mask at work?

        My sister had just secured herself a morning job to go with her evening one, as a cleaner, and it was a good one at the local college. It is SO sad as they were just training her up and she loved it and was doing really well at it. But now she is on furlough and although she will still get 80% of her wages, she wants to be at work. It was rather like her therapy after our mum’s death. Her evening job has also put her on furlough. She gets very upset and cries a lot, and gets angry. She tends to go down town a lot, walking round and round. I worry how she will get through this. But we all have to, somehow. Hoping it plateaus soon and we can get a little bit more normal again.

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      2. No. I don’t wear a mask at work. I don’t want one either. I only be happy wearing one on a bus if I had to, where keeping 2 meters was difficult. But that’s if we all had to do this. When wearing a mask, you are protecting others from a possible spread. It doesn’t work for the other way round.

        Yes, we are all going through this and have to find our own ways to get through our difficult moments. I hope your sister soon finds herself back at work. Even if it was reduced hours just to feel like she’s doing something. X

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  2. Oooh more shortbread Liz. I made some the other day in a round tin this time – I used self-raising instead of plain flour and when I took it out it looked like a huge cake lol. However, once it cooled down, it was about an inch thick and just perfect! All buttery – yum! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’ve ruined mine cos I’ve just got up lol. x

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    1. In my teens or early 20’s I did that, mistakenly used self-raising flour, when I thought I picked up plain flour. But it was a nice miatake and I did make more that way. I think you have reminded me and I need to do it that way again. 😊

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    1. I have made before and I think I shared photos of past shortbread biscuits made. But that was making the old way, putting the dough in rounds tins. I have cut them again, like before and they have come out lovely. I will take a photo of my shortbread today, with me doing them this way from now on and I will share a photo of them at the beginning of next weeks, it’s the weekend post. 😊 So I hope you don’t feel peckish after looking. 😉
      I am resisting myself from having any today, as I think they taste even better from the next day. 😋

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    2. I have just edited my post too, as I see I missed of the biscuits part and then I spotted a typo with my word morning, missing of my g. I read my post twice as well, before airing.

      What’s your weekend?


  3. That’s a really good plan for the weekend, Liz. My plan involves playing the piano, making some more posts, and watching all the movies I can find! Great post! By the way, please join my blog too if you find it interesting – let’s grow together!😌

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