How is everyone doing?

With restrictions still in place for some more weeks to come, our world isn’t going to change anytime soon. But I did not expect them to be lifted just yet. It would have been crazy to lift them at this point and our efforts would have been wasted. So it’s good to know this is staying in place, as hard as it will be for us.

Last Friday became a moment where I had a melt down, while at work. A couple of bloggers know this via comments.
It just got a bit much wth regarding my mum and getting my head round the nursing homes idea, and the restrictions in place that limit where I can go.
But what really made me melt, was seeing in last couple of days how some people are just not observing these restrictions. So it got me really frustrated and upset until I broke.
I have seen people hanging out in groups of three and here’s me, like a majority of us, playing by the rules. What the hell are these people playing at? I stay in, unless it’s work, or groceries. That’s the only time I am out, as well as picking up my prescription, which I need to do that tomorrow.
I don’t stay in for the likes of others to hang out in groups of three!

I know I am not alone in these feelings, because I have read other blog posts too where they feel exactly the same on this and frustrated by it.

I am so glad I am working, because going by how I am finding it more difficult now, regardless how much I challenge myself in finding good stuff to occupy me with, I think I would have been more of a mess had I not been working.

Also, when restrictions do eventually lift, things aren’t going to be the same and I am concerned with one thing that I have been reading, that the Government is thinking of doing. But they want to get full facts together first, before making a decision. That’s face masks. This was on my mind Friday too, so this broke me in addition to the frustration of those who think it is ok to go about in groups of three. If face masks are going to be enforced, then that is a barrier to me. How do I lipread someone with a mask?
The world is not accessible to me as it should be now at times, when it comes to communication. So my fear is how harder is my life going to get communication wise, if face masks are enforced.

I would be only willing to use a face mask, if say like on a bus, because you can’t have that 2 meter distance there. But everyone else will have to wear them too.
The other time would be in a medical setting, like a hospital.

Wearing a mask protects others. It doesn’t protect you. I have chosen not to wear one, for the simple reason that I do not want to increase my risk of infection, because of me touching my face, to adjust that mask, through the day. (I have asthma for those that don’t know.)

So my future fear, until it is made certain by the UK Government, is just how more difficult my life will become as a deaf person? because at any point through out the day I come across someone wearing a face mask, who wants to talk to me, I am going to look confused back, indicating to the removal of the mask, because I can’t hear, or bloody lipread, until they do.

How are you doing? 


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26 thoughts on “How is everyone doing?

  1. I understand your frustration on the face masks. I’m not looking forward to it, if it does come in to force.

    I’m always a text away if you ever need a chat about your mum.

    Hugs xx

    1. When I first seen the headlines, I felt sick because it give the impression all the time. But when I was reading and seeing it was just where two meters could not be done, then I felt I could relax a little. But I can’t completely, because I just know this will be an issue for me communication wise. I know you will understand on this, as I know you will find the same.

      I will text you later today. Xx

  2. Hey Liz,
    I am feeling quite anxious and frustrated with this all. The same, not so much because if the virus but people around me. I queued for about 25 minutes yesterday to get into Lidl, to stand 2 meters apart, to then get in the store and people not giving a damn. I wanted to cry and shout at people.
    I too have decided not to wear one because I will be touched my face more frequently. I’m sorry to hear your frustration also with the face masks when it comes to you loads reading, I dont know if they were to introduce them as mandatory that there may be options for clear or thickers ones? If so, maybe some will wear ones that are a bit more visable?
    I hope you have a good sunday x

    1. I have been found that I have needed to queue outside shops, but thankfully everyone has kept their distance there.

      I have never seen anyone wear a clear mask that have to wear them already in their medical jobs. I believe they cost more too.
      Clear masks I will never see popular, because I don’t see them now.

      If we are forced to wear facemasks, no doubt we will be left to buy them. If so, I imagine they will leave it use what we buy. So fabric will be my option if I have to wear one so I can wash and reuse.
      But I know there are people questioning the Government that if the public are forced to wear, it will put further strain on the NHS and support workers who need them more not getting them. As we already know, they are struggling now with getting personal protective equipment.

      Can you imagine now if we had to buy our own face masks, just how long we would be waiting for them? People wait far too long for their shopping deliveries, to not get everything. So it would be pure chaos for masks. Its not going to work.

      I am having a good weekend and a good Sunday, thank you. Weather lovely and sunny today. X

      1. Hello Liz, my apologies for the late reply.
        I’ve seen dozens of people making fabric masks on facebook, and for the most part giving them away for free as a kind gesture.

        Yes I understand they are struggling and there is a shortage of supplies which is awful. Also I know, only through social media, that your average Joe have been buying masks in bulk? Again with the selfish hoarding and not leaving any for of members of the public.
        It’s a shame because not everyone can afford to buy what the want/need in a click.

        I’m going to try and have a phone free day after having a quick catch up on wordpress

        Hope you’re keeping well and you had a lovely weekend last week Xxx

      2. Yes, I read once about the self-hoarding of face masks. It’s ridiculous.
        I have bought a face mask, handmade, which I am waiting for. Not a UK seller, via Etsy.
        Next month I plan to get another one, but making sure it is a UK seller this time from Etsy, so I have a spare.
        Although there is no word from Government what they plan to do next than rumours, I will get a couple in, because for a situation I may need one for, a scarf would be difficult to keep in place. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t come in time for that situation, if it happens.

        Enjoy a phone free day and that you for commenting. Xx Have a good day. 😊

      3. Thank you. I will share this in a post later to raise awareness. But as I have mentioned, it’s everyone that needs to wear them, if choosing to wear a mask. No one does already and so they have to remove their mask to ensure I hear.

      4. But if it comes available then maybe others would be more keen to buy them… tbh I’d love to just see more people smiling, and that would be a reason to buy them 🙂 have a good week x

  3. That’s concerning about the masks. I agree that it makes sense in a small space like a bus, but if people would actually be careful about social distancing and hand hygiene, masks shouldn’t be needed in most situations.

    1. I totally agree Ashley. Shouldn’t be needed for most situations.
      But can you imagine the chaos if we are forced to buy face masks?
      Vulnerable people can’t get their shopping delivered in a reasonable time. So the face mask business will not work. We got to get our hands on em first.

  4. I’m not happy wearing a mask, but do so as a matter of course now when shopping. I can understand what a hindrance it is going to be for you though.
    Like you, we are ‘playing by the rules’……… we keep our distance and then some, doubling the space wherever possible when we walk the dog. In shops it is not so easy, and despite the one way systems and marks on the floor, there are still some that barge through or browse and hold up the line totally oblivious of doing so. The latter is frustrating, with nowhere to go, let alone forward. We like to get in and out of a shop asap. It makes us nervous being there. We do not meet or socialise, other than from opposite sides of the road or fence with neighbours or fellow dog walkers. We do go out more than once a day to exercise both us and the dog, having mobility issues and sitting around all day is not good. We keep out of everyone’s way. We have to travel 20 miles to shop as the local supermarket no longer stocks what we buy and alternatives are expensive or two big for us. Thus we go to a town with a choice of supermarkets knowing we can get everything on our list once a week to 10 days. We are trying to be sensible, practical and considerate. The thought of the lockdown being lifted in a few weeks scares us as we believe it is too early with new cases and deaths still rising at an alarming rate, but it is the Money Men pushing for it as they stand to lose billions and that just isn’t playing their kind of ‘cricket’.

    1. I don’t know what to feel about if it was to get lifted in a few weeks time. Whether then, or later, anxiety will kick in more again.
      I have avoided shops that have arrows to direct you in a particular direction, for simple reason I want to get my items quick and out. So the shop I go in is just marks where not to stand and marks to help with 2 meter business.
      With not knowing if it will get lifted or not in coming weeks, I am starting to get bits in for that week that won’t go out of date. I was going to get the plain flour and self-raising flour today. But the shelves were bare.

      1. We’ve had a problem with SR flour, but I managed to get some at Lidl this week. The first time |I wore a mask, I nearly had a panic attack, but I have to admit it has got better provided I don’t have to wait too long or it isn’t too hot. At the moment, our town is sticking over but once the holiday makers come in, it could be a totally different story, Keep safe Liz.

      2. I know I am not booking anymore day trips this year, even if things are lifted, than two currently booked and paid for. It’s just being on a coach for so long that has done it for me, at the moment.

  5. My daughter’s friend lip reads and this is the first time I thought about that, thank you for sharing this with us all. That is a hard one to figure out. I wear fast mask when out to protect others from any germs I may have, my husband does the same when he is out as well. You never know since this virus is asymptomatic. I would definitely pull it down to communicate from a distance if someone suggested I do it to communicate. I remember when I couldn’t speak for awhile after having surgery to remove a large tumor that was wrapped around my voice box and pressing on my wind box (is that what they call it?), I took a pad and pen with me everywhere to communicate with people. I am all healed now so I don’t need that. It is so scary not being able to communicate.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience when communication has been difficult. I don’t know as in wind box for throat, or if it might be some else it was pressing on. Would you mean wind pipe?

      My worst in deafness when tinitus was at my extreme and not my normal levels I had to be communicated via a notepad. The notepad contained basic notes and conversation was repeated after, which seemed to help me under better. I had to do this for a week until my tinitus calmed down. I have only had two occasions I had to be communicated by this way. First one lasting nearly 2 weeks and the second about 5 days, although it lasted a week the bad tinitus, it was just 5 days nerding notepad on hand.

    1. Hello and welcome. 🙂 I hope your mum had a good birthday.

      There are see through masks. I learnt about them some years ago out of curiosity. But no one uses these, if they are still available since I looked.
      I looked it up because I thought it be handy to suggest at the dentists.
      I think they cost a bit more and its just too much trouble for folk to have a variety on their list.

      An ideal world when discovering those masks just how handy they would be be to wear to help deaf people that lipread. (If they don’t fog up and condensation. Otherwise no good.) But we are never in an ideal world.

      If masks are enforced. I shall end up being a nasty bitch I can imagine. If someone attempts to talk, but doesn’t remove their mask, but continues to talk regardless if me explaining, I shall stick my middle finger up in the air and walk off. It will become more of a depressing and frustrating world for me, if that’s the case.

  6. It’s really annoying me too Liz, seeing loads of people out and about in the parks, with their kids in groups of 4-5 on bikes and scooters and not acknowledging the 2 meter restrictions. I look out my windows and everyone seems to be having fun while I’m stuck in my flat! I need to get out!

    1. I know with me living in the flat and the things that go off here, it’s making me feel caged in. Especially when I can’t travel to other places. I need that house with a garden and I am seriously thinking of moving when restrictions are lifted. But I am holding back, because with issues regarding my mum and parts I will be involved in, in 6 weeks time and what ever else I choose to get involved in, or just need to answer, if they have any questions on anything, if it turns out she’s still not well to be back at her home, then that and moving are not going to work well tovether.
      I am hoping I can hold myself in until next year, before I seriously consider actioning this. But the thought of another 3 years here, I am finding unbearable.
      While all this is going on with the Coronavirus, I am thinking how productive I would have already been, before all this started. I know I would have grown carrots, mint and kale for starters already. But I would have tried growing other veg also during this, from lessons learnt now.
      Then there is my love for some flowers regardless of my hayfever. I had grown sweet pea before, when I lived in a house and I would cut some and put them in a jar on my kitchen windowsil. It was a lovely smell. 🙂 I also had lavender.

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