Fibbing Friday – 24th April

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1. What’s the difference between nuts and crazy? I don’t know, I am still trying to work it out. I am either nuts, or crazy. 😜

2. What’s the difference between Lock Up and Lock Down Lock up is when you leave a place secure, wherever that place may be.
Lock down, everything stops moving. Or it can’t be moved. (Yeah, I didn’t lie much with this one.)

3. Where did the phrase ‘In the pink’ originate? After someone got covered in pink paint, after they said, your not having that colour in the house.

4. How do you find your bearings? Leave me somewhere in middle of town and give me a spin before you do a runner. Once I stop feeling dizzy I should find my bearings.

5. What makes a phone smart? Throw it.

6. What is an hour glass figure? Egg timer.

7. Bruce Wayne was also known as ??? A carpenter.

8. A stitch in time saves what? Money more than lives.

9. What is Fairy Snow? Christmas fairy. Didn’t you know?

10. Can you read a knitting pattern Pfft. 🙄

6 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday – 24th April

  1. I’m really enjoying these. The first times I didn’t understand what you were doing but now that I do it’s fun to hear the questions and your answers.

    1. 😊 Yes, it took me a while to under too, before I joined in. It’s fun seeing other people’s answers.

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