Raising the importance of not cutting off deaf and hard of hearing people

In my post How is everyone doing? I raised my concerns regarding what is my world going to be like now, due to more people wearing face masks due to the Coronavirus.
My world is not fully accessible to me now, as in people still only give a phone option, when my communication is email, or text. Like my doctors for example, I thought when first registering there, I was really impressed because I was able to show my communication preference. But what have they done in the past? Try to phone. There has been doctors that have not used what they have on their system, as in regards to communication preference.
Plus, if I ever need the doctor, I don’t have the option to text or email still. So it’s still all one sided when it comes to contacting them. It’s not good enough. With the Coronavirus, I don’t want to walk in to query something, when a simple email would have done it.

Some businesses and NHS medical professionals need to follow the example of my NHS audiologists I go to, as they are 100% accessible to me.

Going back to the face mask scenario, as I have mentioned in the comments of the above post link, how I have seen clear masks one time to be available. I have not looked since, so don’t know if they still are. These were disposable though. But medical professionals, like dentists for example don’t use them.

In an ideal world, I would like to see clear masks being used regularly. But this has never happened and never will.

Clear masks will help the deaf and hard if hearing to not feel excluded.

Thank you to Kaya, at https://lifestyleadventurebeauty.wordpress.com/, she thought of me and shared this link to a story about a student creating reusable, clear face masks. I thought this deserved a post of it’s own to raise awareness.

This student set up a Go Fund Me page (which is not accepting any more donations as this post airs) to cover costs in making and sending to anyone. It’s gone down very well as you will imagine.
These masks are very inclusive for those of us that need to lipread and see facial expressions to communicate effectively.


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14 thoughts on “Raising the importance of not cutting off deaf and hard of hearing people

  1. I did a Google search for clear face masks for the deaf and it looks like there’s a few different companies and individuals making them.

    I agree that clear masks would never be used regularly, but they should be available the same way that sign language interpreters are made available for people who need them.

    1. On the outside when it comes to my deafness I seem to cope well, but I don’t feel I do at times. This is though when I become tired and not able to lipread, when I feel like this. Or if I just don’t know the person to be able to lipread. Or not be able to lipread at all because they don’t have a clear lip pattern to follow.
      But if masks come in and someone speaks but doesn’t remove it. Then I have no chance.

      1. Some people would argue that it’s an over-reaction to wear masks. Personally speaking I’m not keen on the idea because I get claustrophobic. Hopefully it will only be for a short tome.

      2. I don’t think it’s necessary for most parts. But I can understand when being on a bus, when 2 feet can’t be acheived. But there is no need in the street.

      3. When I see people wearing them in the street, I can’t help but wonder if those that are wearing them, are wearing them for protecting themselves, when it’s actually the other way round.

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