It’s the weekend

I see I have set my post a day early than planned. I thought I had it set for tomorrow. Tomorrow was when I wanted this post set for. But now it’s aired, it’s here. 

With how I have been with my mental health, I did not look ahead to this  weekend as I have been doing past weekends, making plans on what to do. And as a work colleague said, when I automatically said, “have a nice weekend,” last weekend, he said in part of that conversation we were having, “that it’s not really a weekend is it? Every day is just the same at the moment.”
I agreeded with him. 🙁

So this weekend, is going with the flow.

I have let my evening job know that if they can’t get cover for any Satutday’s they need a cleaner in, then I’ll do it. So they will keep me in mind when things change.

I know I will be reading, as I picked up a book from three that were left on a table, with a printed note saying, “free to a good home.” The book I chosen is  called, “Alex Cross, Run,” by James Patterson.
I will have probably already started it before this weekend starts and this post airing. If it still grabs my attention, then I will be reading this over the weekend.

I may listen to some music in between having a break from reading.

I shall give my flat a quick vac, if not done before then and have a load of washing on, if required.

This is my weekend and whatever I feel like doing in addition, should I decide.

What’s your weekend plans?


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37 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

  1. Hi Liz, I’ve read a few of the Alex Cross books and seen a couple of films starring Morgan Freeman in the title role.
    I’ve finally started a book given to me two Christmases ago which promises to be good. Already I’ve had a few laughs as expected from this particular writer.
    Taking each day as the weather deems. Enjoy yours. Take care.

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    1. You know, I have probably watched a film then with Morgan Freeman then. I felt as I was reading the book, I thought it felt like a film. But I don’t think I have seen one based on this book. Going to Goole that now.

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    1. Thank you. Enjoy yours too.
      I have not done my cleaning so far, so definitely get done tomorrow or Sunday, what I want to do. An hour at most it will take.
      I am enjoying my book and I wouldn’t be surprised if I finish it by Sunday. 😊


  2. Omg, you actually reminded me to take a day off haha. At the moment I’m stuck in my own home and can’t go to my boyfriends so I’ve been working quite a lot. Good thing I read your post, I would have probably overworked myself as usual! Thank you and have a great weekend!

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  3. My weekend was, well… Boring. However, since I have been avoiding the news as much as humanly possible, I have taken to get to work and clean my bedroom. Heck, the list of things to do started to grow on Friday and I am just attacking it today. So far, between reading here and there on other’s blogs, I’ve been taking small breaks to read. I sincerely missed everybody. I just hope I can keep up the momentum.

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    1. Do a bit at a time. Don’t over do it.
      Yes I have been avoiding news as much as posdible because it don’t help the mood. If I am going to read the latest, I just do it once a week and spend no more than 20 mins on it.

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