More photos of my hamster Daz

As a maority will know, I have a hamster. But I have not posted much about him since the very early days with him mostly keeping himself to himself. (See Chit-chat September – Part 2.) But after cleaning his cage out Saturday evening and sorting him out with his fresh food and water, I gave him a little bit of carrot. I was munching on the rest, so had a carrot breath for the hamster to notice and realised I had a photo opportunity here. So here they are.



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27 thoughts on “More photos of my hamster Daz

    1. Hamsters are not much trouble to look after are they. You think someone would have been fighting over looking after it.


      1. This hamster is only my second hamster I have owned and I find him fascinating (when I see him), just as I have done with my previous. It’s just a shame he won’t interact like my other. But it is what it is.


    1. Yes, hamsters definitely have different personalities.
      My previous enjoyed a 10 min cuddle. But he won’t even accept a stroke. Instead it’s only food from my hand and watching me from the cage at times. Otherwise he keeps himself to himself.

      Food wise, I see he leaves behind the brown nugget type ones from his food mix.
      My other would take everything from the bowl. 😁

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      1. Lol I would find that funny watching Peanut do that.

        I was very surprised to see how Daz leaves those food items behind. Until then, I thought hamsters ate everything from their food bowl. So Daz proved me wrong. 😁

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      2. 😁 Lol.

        Daz has been interesting how he has started moving cardboard rolls in his cage. I have not seen him do it. Just where the tubes have ended up.

        A new observation of last week was a large chew toy that resembles a carrot, I didn’t realise it was missing from his usual spot it’s always been at since I had him. He moved it to near his bedroom. So he had been busy dragging that thing, from one end of the cage, to the other. 😁

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