11 thoughts on “Another deaf awareness share: “Would you employ me if I told you that I’m deaf?”

      1. I used to work with the blind and people would shout at them … I’d say they are blind not deaf … we act so oddly if there is any physical challenge 😦

      2. I have heard from blind people how they have found that. Also talking slow like they are thick.

        I had someone once who spoke slow. It wasn’t that they thought I was slow, but they thought it helped for me to lipread. I replied you are making it impossible for me to lipread and after, I said just speak to me how you were speaking to me before you seen my hearing aids. But make sure you don’t cover your mouth, otherwise it makes it difficult

    1. Yes. True. If you are skilled in some way, as the next person, then you should be on equal footing as a deaf person as the qualified hearing person, for a chance to get the job. Deafness plays no part.

    1. I bet he was like most of us that are deaf, as in once getting a job and employer giving him a chance and not discriminating that we value our job. I give 100%, but I am a bugger for giving a 110%, because I appreciate the employer took me on, on top of loving my job and knowing they appreciate me. 🙂

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