Staycation – Day 1 of 6

So before I get to day 1 of my Staycation post, I thought I’d update you regarding my day trip I wondered about.
I looked up on their website to see whether I should be contacting the coach company, or not and see what was happening with regards to day trip this Sunday, to Whitby.
I emailed, because this coach company doesn’t have any immediate contact details, other than my address. Where as another I use, does, should later things don’t change and another trip is affected.
They replied back and said, as I expected, that they could see this trip to Whitby being cancelled, so they would refund me if so. I thanked them for their reply.

Now onto my Staycation post.

So this Staycation – Day 1 post, is for 18th May.

It was my birthday and my original plan was to travel to Sherwood Forest and have my day there, out in the woods and lunch in the visitor centre. I knew it would  possibly be a mix of feelings, so that’s why I chose to be out there. But now, due to how things have changed because of the virus, I won’t be there.

So what is my plan now in place of this?

Well… I stuck with the theme, woods.

Bloggers that have been following for some time will know the garden outside my flat has trees and so immediately looking out, the first thing I see is trees, followed by the wild birds that visit the garden. So a good start and the view I fell fall, when I first seen this flat I currently live in.

My window clear of condensation than its ever been
The view taken on November 2018

I laid a blanket on the floor near this window from when I got up at 7am, ready for when I sit there this morning. I then had my breakfast, which was just cereals and a mug of tea, before checking into work to let them know all is fine. (They are checking on all us cleaners to see we are fine, from when we all had to stop working due to virus. Although I am now working, I still have to check in.)
I then opened my birthday cards, while sat near my window. These are the ones that have arrived before my birthday. I certainly smiled when opening these cards.
I texted and emailed those that sent these cards and I just sat in quite until my neighbour came, who I regularly have a mug of tea with now.

Some birthday cards

My neighbour brought round a card and a present, from him and his wife. My present was a selection of shower gels, by Korres. A brand his wife uses.
I have not heard of this brand before. Have you?

A selection of small shower gels. Stil in packet.

There is:

  • Basil Lemon Shower Gel
  • Guava Shower Gel
  • Ginger Lime Shower Gel
  • Bergamot Pear Shower Gel

I am looking forward to trying these.

Another birthday card came through the door this morning, so I texted to let her know I received that and thanked her, as it wasn’t long prior she’d texted me.

I had a picnic at lunch time on my blanket near the window, so it was sandwiches (one being tuna, the other was salmon and haddock paste), baby tomatoes, crisps, a lemon cake slice (dairy-free) to eat and cherry cola to drink. My cola I did not have on the floor, as I did not want to risk me knocking it over.

Sandwiches, crisps, tomatoes and cake.

In the afternoon, sitting back on my sofa, I watched a dvd I had not seen before called, ‘A Walk In The Woods.’ The film starred Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and Emma Thompson.

Rest of my evening, I chose to re-watch my Bridget Jones dvd’s, back to back.

I also had a lavender candle lit.

I had my usual variety of sandwiches for dinner, as I did at lunch, with baby tomatoes and another cake.
Mugs of tea, through to the evening.

Today, may not have been my original plan due to the virus and and what was possibly going to be a mixture of emotions.
But today turned out to be a good and enjoyable day, in the end.

Does anyone lose track with their age and if so, find it’s worse when they get older? I think when my work colleagues asked my age a few months first working there, that I gave my right age, but fast forward to the following year, which was last year I am thinking of, I don’t know if I may have gave my age wrong. I don’t know. Can’t remember. But if I gave my right age then, then come towards end of last year, through to this year, I have been thinking to myself my age and made it wrong. So thankfully no one asked during that point, because I have been doing my mum’s trick, making myself a year older. Lol
I have even made a note on my phone and in my birthday book, for how old I am this year.

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45 thoughts on “Staycation – Day 1 of 6

  1. Not a bad way to spend your birthday. My husband spent his in lockdown too, instead of enjoying a long weekend in Lisbon. I tried to recreat the sensation of going out for dinner. I think I succeeded.

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    1. Thank you.

      I certainly enjoyed my birthday yesterday better than expected. I wasn’t emotional at all and I didn’t find it difficult at all either. X

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      1. I don’t usually accept links in comments of posts, unless my post itself gives permission. But seeing what this link leads to, I am happy to accept.
        That’s a nice selection of shower gels. A nice display. My eyes seem to be drawn in particular the tall bottles to the left of the photo, that has white, yellow and blue contents.

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  2. Happy Birthday Liz although I am late with it. Good to know you had a nice day anyway. Mine was spent in lockdown too, and I hardly knew it was my birthday. We didn’t do anything to celebrate it. I was 72, though I don’t like to think of it! I am toldI only look in my fifties so that is god. Have nice Stayycation Liz ❤️

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    1. Thank you. You’re not late with me posting it today that happened yesterday on my birthday.
      All my staycation posts for this week, I am airing the day after, for the day before. That way I can accurately post and add photos where I want.

      I enjoyed my birthday better than I thought I would. My expectations were totally opposite to what I thought I may be like. So I wasn’t feeling emotional, or hating my day. I enjoyed what I set out to do, including a litte extra and that being my neighbour popping in for our weekly cuppa and chat.

      I hope your day was peaceful and relaxing, even if you didn’t celebrate your birthday. X

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      1. Glad it worked out for you Liz. I missed getting a card from my mum on my birthday, even though she was abusive. And really, me and hubby are not ones to celebrate birthdays much. Have anlively day today. Xx

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      2. I was dreading my birthday and obviously upset prior at the the thought. But on the day, I was fine and so I underestimated myself there.

        Have a lovely day Lorraine, what ever you plan to do today. Xx

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      3. I did not know you was dreading it so much Liz, but so glad it turned out better than you expected. You are such a resourceful person. Thanks for your good wishes for us xx

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    1. Yes, it was a good day thank you. The total opposite I thought it would be.
      Today is another good day too. I will share what I am doing today, in tomorrow’s post. 🙂

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  3. Happy Birthday Liz you seemed to have had a good day with lots of party treats. Life is such at the moment nothing can really be planned we are all static. You certainly went ahead with your celebration. I wish you all the happiness your heart can hold.

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I am happy with how I planned my day yesterday. It was totally the opposite to what I thought it would be. It was a very good day.
      I really enjoyed sitting near my window on the floor for a few hours. I can see me doing that again soon, while I live here.
      Today is another good day too.

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    1. Thank you.
      I should have done this pinic on the floor idea much sooner. I really enjoyed sitting on the floor, at the window more than I expected.

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    1. Thank you. The cards certainly put a smile on my face yesterday. One being the obvious, being a joke card, but the other cards put a smile on my face too.
      Nice to hear I’m not the only one who has trouble remembering age. Having it on my phone came in handy yesterday, when neighbour asked. I was going to say my age, but hesitated and looked on my phone first, as I wasn’t confident giving right answer. Turned out I would have been right. 😁

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  4. Happy birthday for yesterday! My Today is ……… post for yesterday wished anyone whose birthday it was a Happy Birthday. I love your cards. They are beautiful. I was 64 on the 12th.
    I also loved your idea of a picnic. My great niece used to enjoy a ‘picnic in the boot’ which they’d have on outings when it rained.

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    1. Thank you.
      I really enjoyed sitting near the window. I felt like I was more outside than sat on settee looking out. I shall certainly do it again soon.
      I shall have to sit on floor at window on a rainy day and see how I enjoy that.

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      1. Yes, I used to watch as a child too.

        I used to watch as a child in detail when my bedroom window would freeze up with ice, because it was that cold. I was so fascinated when it first happened. 😊


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