Did you know WordPress is going to change their WordPress editor on 1st June?

I noticed via my WordPress dashboard that WordPress are going to change their WordPress editor on 1st June. Are you aware? If not, then see the link below.

I for one is not going to like this change and I won’t be using it.
Thankfully, as they explain in the post below, you can stick with a classic version.

I have looked at other people’s comments about this change and it’s mixed reviews as you can guess. But seems to be a majority not happy with this change.
I am in aggreements as one has already commented about, that it takes longer in creating their post.
Also someone else raised that it was not working with their reader that they rely on as a blind person.
One from WordPress commented on that it should be workable with their readers and so they said they would email to sort that issue out.

As I have said, I will continue with classic. But you know what WordPress is like, they get rid of things after a while, so how long before they choose to do that?
If they do and I am forced to use the new editor that is complicated for me, then my blog will come to an end and I will remove it.

So what are your views on WordPress making these changes? 

For anything technical you are not sure about when it comes to this, then please don’t ask me. I don’t have a clue. If you can’t find your answers in post link below, then you will have to contact those happiness engineers at WordPress. *Cough. Cough.*


45 thoughts on “Did you know WordPress is going to change their WordPress editor on 1st June?

  1. I am with you on this Liz I will stick to the Classic Editor. I tried the new one out this morning and do you think I could find the icon to put a photo in the post well of course not so went back to the classic view. Why don’t they leave well alone.

    1. Someone else commented about that photo issue too. I can’t remember the response to that from WP though, when reading.
      There was no need to change. The other is visually too much for me. More than I need it for. So WP better not get rid of the other option, otherwise I am gone, without any warning I am afraid.

  2. I’m totaly with you on this! I hate the block editor. Really sucks that WordPress is changing things around so often. I will hopefully be able to continue to blog.

    1. If you like the classic editor, then yes, like me you will find you are able to blog still. I blog a majority on my phone, with my phone being my only point for internet. I can blog with ease, with this current editor. I can’t with the other and it’s all confusing as well as it seems more than I need. So if they ever get rid of classic editor down the line, then due to difficulties of not being able to post with the new editor, then only option for me is to disappear from here.
      I am not a very happy bunny with WordPress for this. It’s one WordPress has created, that I definitely won’t change my mind on, or waste my time on.

      With WordPress up to doing changes again, will explain my frustrations I have noticed this past fortnight, when trying to go about my usual thing when on here.

      1. I just tried the block editor and, while it’s definitely not as easy to use as the classic one, it’s workable. I won’t disappear from WordPress altogehter if they ever get rid of the classic editor. At least not for that reason. I might if the community disappears, but then WP will hopefully notice and make up its mind.

  3. I like how quickly I can do my posts and the new way seems like it will take so much longer. I’m curious though, there has to be benefits to the new format, otherwise why would they change it. Hopefully it will be easy to get used to but I’ll probably use the classic for as long as possible.

    1. Just by me looking at it, bewildered and then reading more about it, I thought I am not going to be able to post quickly with this and that’s if I csn create a post to start with.
      But there was someone who commented on WordPress blog post about this change how they said it takes longer.

  4. I’m not a fan of the block editor. Even the “classic editor” that will still be around isn’t exactly the same as the original WP editor.

    1. I wondered what you would make of the block editor, Ashley.
      Having been here long enough to have seen WordPress older editors, I can easily go back to classic. True, not the same as what we have now. But I will get on with it. But I just hope WordPress don’t get rid of classic editor in the end, otherwise I am gone. If that happens, I will miss blogging and I will miss the community. But I won’t stay if they do get rid of it later.

      1. I wonder how many blind people will find it difficult when changes happen. Some have already said their reader doesn’t work with it. Then it’s the layout for them and finding their way around. This is too much of a change in my opinion, compared to things they have done before with the editor. I can’t get on with it, so for those that struggle for different reasons, I wonder just how many will struggle now. Especially if they are not aware of classic option.

  5. I think I’m one of the few who likes the block editor. It took me a little while to find my way around, but I was able to do it. I like how you can re-order paragraphs without having to cut and paste. You just click on the up or down arrow, depending on where you want to move the paragraph, and it’s done. No worries about losing the text you cut to paste. I haven’t found a way to insert images and have the text wrap around it, however. I’m not sure if it is possible. So I’ve settled for having my images centered above the first paragraph. Still, I know that many people dislike it—I did at first.

    1. I agree with you. At first I disliked the block editor, but I think it’s easier to edit your writing by moving blocks of text around instead of cut and paste. I also think it helps to make it more difficult for plagiarism because you can’t cut and paste an entire post like you could in the classic editor. Maybe that’s why they changed it, (another platform called Medium does this too).
      I also like that you can create collage photo images, you can adjust the captions and size to images, you can create highlighted quotations (I haven’t yet tried all the new elements). It seems like the block editor has more features to make blogs look more professional in my opinion. But I understand how it’s annoying when companies change things suddenly, I hope they keep the classic option for anyone that prefers it. 🙂

      1. Hi Judy and thank you for sharing your views on it and what you like about it.
        Although I am not a fan of it, I agree with you that it sounds more professional when it comes to layout. But I am happy with how I lay out my photos in groups that they offered in this current editor. I just don’t put photos in groups often and more single photos I do.
        And yes, the moving blocks of text sounds easy. But visually for me, the current editor we use that they are now getting rid of, is visually better for me. Going back to classic will be strange. But I loved it before and will again. So as long as new changes remain, I will use classic editor. So I hope they never get rid. 🙂

      2. Hi Liz, you’re welcome. I hope they keep classic editor as an option, companies should consider what they’re patrons want.

      3. I didn’t realize that the new format makes it difficult to plagiarize. That sounds pretty cool. I agree with you though that people should have a choice.

      4. That’s just my opinion, because the way the block editor is designed, you can only cut and paste within the “blocks”, people can still cut and paste them plagiarize but it will take more effort I think. Choice is always a good thing, especially when no one asked for changes 🙂

      1. Don’t forget though, if you still can’t get on with it, the classic editor will still be available.

    1. I am totally put off with it. So as long as classic remains available, I will carry on blogging.

  6. I’ve been using the block editor for several months. (Shrug) I found it easy enough and didn’t seem to make a difference for a normal post of text and a few photos. I use the block editor when I have a choice.

    1. Looks like you will be like me then, using the classic editor when it comes to change 1st June?

  7. I wont be using it. I hate it. Its no good. I hope they’ll keep the classic editor as well. On my phone, when I upload photos, I couldnt with the block editor, I had to change it back to the classic editor. So heres hoping wp will keep it going.


    1. Thank you for your comment on this and sharing how you feel about it, Carol. I was thinking of you and another blogger, who’s probably not seen this post wondering how you would get on in particular, because of not being able to see. Especially with this change being a big one. I feel its a big change they have done. X

      1. It’s a huge change and I don’t know if I will ever be able to use it because it’s just not that accessible so I hope they just don’t get rid of the classic editor I really do

      2. Let’s hope they never get rid of it in future. I will only be using classic editor myself, when the other is forced on us.

  8. I still haven’t switched from the classic, but from what I’ve seen and played around from the new one, it looks like many of the bugs have been addressed, I’m still a bit hesitant though!

    1. Yes, another blogger I follow has said that the bugs have been addressed, when I have seen him comment about this too, somewhere.

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