Staycation – Day 3 of 6

So for this Staycation – Day 3 of 6, is for 20th May.

Originally, I had no plans for today. So I would have just stayed at home. So today’s theme is chill out day and do what I fancy, or nothing much at all.

For breakfast I had overnight oats, with tea. (Plenty of tea through the day, as I do.)

I then checked into work, to let them know I was fine, then I decided to do some baking this morning. I made two batches of shortbread biscuits. One batch had cinnamon.

Shortbread biscuits
Shortbread biscuits. The tin on the left, is the ones with cinnamon.

Today I was expecting a delivery, so being aware of my flashing doorbell while doing the above, with not knowing at the time when it was due for coming. The delivery was my hamster food and another particular chew toy, as he is really going at his other one. So bought ready to replace. I wasn’t going to go in the store for it. I was very impressed with the quickness for this order.

I carried on reading my book I started yesterday. (See yesterday’s post, for mention of book.) I read until lunchtime, enjoying the quietness, in between texting with a work colleague.

Opened my windows wider at this point, as it was getting hotter. A lovely sunny day. ☀️

A neighbour called, to check he did not have a parcel of mine. (The neighbour that I will chat with outside our flats. But who I don’t plan to go beyond that with and have coffee with in either of our flats, or out, since that day he became pissed.)
It was addressed to his address, with a woman’s name on it. He knows my name. It wasn’t even my name. He doesn’t know the person supposedly and no one I knew. So I said to him, keep it and give it as a gift to someone at Christmas if not claimed, as they should not have used your address. I knew what was inside from looking at the details on the packaging and told him it wasn’t cheap. I also said the person’s contact details (phone number) are on the packaging, looking at it.
We then chatted a bit at my door and when he got to the crunch about when things alter with the Coronavirus, maybe one day catch up with a cuppa, I decided to make it very clear, (as I have had plenty of time to think about this, even before this dam virus came in,) that I am happy to chat on passing, or outside our flats. But I am not doing cuppas.

Lunchtime was cous cous, carrots, beetroot and Mediterranean Sundried Tomato Nut Roast.

Cous cous, carrots, beetroot and nut roast on a white dinner plate

In the afternoon, I had my remainder of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie dairy-free ice-cream. 😋

I started playing some cd’s as well. Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams, to name a couple of that I played.

Dinnertime, I had an egg sandwich, followed by an orange.

I lit my lavender candle in the evening, while continuing with my book.

A mug of tea and a biscuit before bed.

And that was my day, for today.

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15 thoughts on “Staycation – Day 3 of 6

    1. Yes I was very good and saved the other half for another day. Surprisingly, I found that easy to do this time, otherwise I have known to have all in one sitting, very slowly.

      Have a lovely day yourself and thank you. 😊


    1. Yes, for keeping mostly at distance since then and having weeks of not bumping into him at all, it certainly gave me chance to fully decide on this.
      My feelings had not changed for some weeks and I really don’t want to go as far as mugs of tea anywhere with him.
      I will speak on passing, or for 10 minutes, as I have said to him. But I’m not going down the route of how it was before. He has had his issues going on much longer than I have known him when it comes to his alcohol and I can see he isn’t going to change, as much as he says he is. He’s not being honest still, just as before when I blogged about it. So I am certainly not inviting his bumps or whatever you want to call it when it comes to his alcohol. I won’t risk having that in my life again. Had enough growing up with it.

      I am enjoying my shortbread. I am needing will power to not eat them all in one go. Lol

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      1. It’s certainly one thing I have felt strongly about, since he got drunk and so failed to complete dinner, that he invited me to as a guest.
        I gave him benefit of the doubt as a friend, regardless knowing his parents views about him, what his father has done to support him and what he said himself. But no, not again. He’s just a neighbour.

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