Staycation – Day 4 of 6

Day 4 of 6 is for 21st May.

Again, another day where originally I had nothing planned, so same theme as yesterday, chill out day.

I woke up 15 minutes before my alarm and I was aware I am feeling sluggish, so it took some motivation to get up. While sat on bed after stretching, I went straight on my phone and read a few blogs. Not the order I usually do things. I thought while on phone, I may as well check in at work and let them know I am fine, before getting washed and dressed.

Breakfast was a fried egg sandwich, so as I don’t have my egg fried often, I really enjoy. Plenty of mugs of tea and I had a couple of my shortbread biscuits.

Plenty of tea through the morning, as well as water.

I then continued reading my book I started on Tuesday. So see that post for that day if you are interested in title of book. I read for about half an hour before reading more blogs on WordPress, then creating an additional post myself, after discovering how WordPress are changing the editor. 😔 So I wasn’t a happy bunny, as you can imagine in my post: Did you know WordPress is going to change their WordPress editor on 1st June?

Lunch was same as yesterday; cous cous, Mediterranean Sundried Tomato Nut Roast, carrots and beetroot. A glass of water at the side.

I then went back to reading my book for half an hour, before visiting WordPress again, to read other blogs, commenting whether at their blog, or mine, before I left to do some Tai Chi, so out came my dvd’s to follow that. I used two out of my three dvd’s today. Having a short break, where needed. I did better than I thought I would, to say I not done any at all, last year.

I mentioned some years ago on my blog about buying two of these tai chi dvd’s. Since then and not after, when I first mentiond them, I bought the third one, Tai Chi Fit – To Go.

3 dvd's of Tai chi I have

Plenty of water this afternoon. More than normal, because its hot.

Dinner, was originally going to be a cheese toastie, with tomatoes on the side. But I forgot to defrost the bread, so had Weetabix instead.

I continued drinking water until bed. But also, I made sure I had a mug of camomile tea, an hour before going to bed.

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