It’s the weekend

So I missed a weekend of doing this post because I chose to have a break from blogging prior to my Staycation posts starting. With Staycation being aired today, for yesterday, I wondered whether to do a weekend post this weekend. But I have decided to do one as you can see.

So for yesterday, as you know I baked. That cake is filling, as I found after my second helping.
For the remainder of what I did yesterday, then do see that Staycation post I aired earlier today: Staycation – Day 6 of 6.

My holiday break from work is not over though, because here in the UK it’s Bank Holiday tomorrow. So I am not back at work until Tuesday and that’s in both jobs, because as of from Tuesday, I am back to my normal hours in my morning job. So happy. So I have had a lovely long holiday break.

So today, as I air this, I plan to listen to cd’s lent by my neighbour on Friday. I have Bon Jovi going as I write this. There are enough cd’s of theirs to listen to, until after lunch to early afternoon.

I have a load of washing going this morning, which is nearly done. So shall take that out soon.

I plan to bake today, which is a baked sponge over jam. I will add mixed spices and raisins to my sponge mixture and I am making my own dairy-free custard. Usually I buy, but as it was only yesterday I had been to the shops for a few things and had no clue what I was baking next, until this morning, I wasn’t going to go back just for that. It will help budget-wise using what I already have.

Lunch will be vegan bolognese, with pasta.

Dinner will be sandwiches of some, or a cheese toastie. I have not decided that far yet.

I shall continue reading my books in parts and pop on here later, as well as read other people’s blog posts.

As my weekend is a long one because of tomorrow being Bank Holiday, my plan is a lazy day tomorrow and just go with the flow kind of day.
My neighbour will call tomorrow morning for a cuppa. No doubt part of our conversation will be about that smoke, that affected our asthma Friday.

Lunch that day will be my vegan bol again, served with rice.

What’s your weekend been like?

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16 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

    1. I certainly have. That’s it now though, for the week, or a bit longer. 🙂

      My latest turned out ok, but although I did put less sugar in the sponge recipe, I could have reduced it a bit more. A bit sweet for me.
      I would make it with a different filling for the bottom, or just be happy with the sponge itself.

      I was happy with my custard I made too, for my pudding.

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  1. I’m giving myself a break from blogging and going on a lot of walks. I’m lucky to live near many paths. I rarely see anyone so it’s been safe. Have a wonderful day!

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    1. To say with all the upheaval with the Coronavirus and wanting to go back to work, I was excited to have the week off. Then not realising until nearer to the time, that it was like, oh it’s Bank Holiday, nice, another day extra! 😁

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  2. Just got back to the city from a trip to the lakes, creeks and woods up north. Our state has opened up to phase 1 from our lock down. We are still being extra careful, with social distancing and everything that goes with our new normals.

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    1. I hope you enjoyed and found evrryone else being careful too.
      There are people here in the UK there were not respecting guidelines during lockdown, so I still don’t go anywhere other than groceries, or work, regardless its been lifted.


  3. You’re going big on baking Liz, and good for you. I’ve been meaning to bake cakes and cookies with the kids all week but cos the sun’s been out we’ve been in the garden instead. Much more beneficial for my pain levels 🙂

    I haven’t been too well physically over the last week so I haven’t posted anything for a whole week. I managed to post one today and now I’m planning a few that I can post this coming week.

    Came home today as hubby’s ex-wife was visiting the grandchildren and since she hasn’t acknowledged me in ten years, it would make for an uncomfortable situation. (not for me, I might add lol).

    You take care x

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    1. If I’d been living in a house, than I would have been in the garden too. So whether baking would have got done, I don’t know. Don’t blame you being in the garden and making most of the weather. I thought you had been quiet with your blog a bit.

      My next post is on Wednesday I think. Chit-chat May. So for those that have folk a majority of my posts can obviously skim read that one, with it being a majority you know, till you get where you don’t.
      My next post won’t be till the weekend, unless I join in with Fibbing Friday.

      Take care. X

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