Staycation – Day 6 of 6

Day 6 of 6 of my Staycation is for 23rd May.

Originally, I would have kept this day free to go to Newark-on-Trent. But with you know what, that is affecting us all, there was no point arranging that.

So after breakfast, which I had weetabix, I chose to watch a dvd this morning. I watched ‘John Carpenter Presents Vampirs Los Muertos.’ So I will be squirming, while watching. This will be second time watching, but it’s going in charity bag after. ūüôā

I am still reading my book, ‘My brilliant friend,’ by Elena Ferrante. But I will also be looking at another book today. ‘A Year At Stonehenge,’ by James O. Davies.

Cover of book a year at stonehenge

For lunch, it was finger food, cheese toastie, my remaining piece of nut roast that I nearly forgotten about, with a couple of tomatoes.

I watched another dvd, while having lunch and a mug of tea, before going back to my books. This time I watched, ‘Man of Steel.’ Another re-watch.

I found out the cause of the smoke last night. Land off a road which is 32 minutes walk away according to Google, as I had to look the road up, where there had been the fire, off there.
From reading about it, six appliances were there early hours of this morning. 200,000 sq meters of grassland, trees and undergrowth alight. So with the strong breeze we had yesterday, that is still here today, would have been enough to bring that smoke over. It now explains why the smoke was so bad.

Later in the afternoon, I took my chance to go to supermarket for a few things, hoping they be no queue. A couple of things I wanted for what I had plans for later today. There was a queue. But I was soon in and out.

Once back and put things away, wiping down and then washing my hands, it was time for baking. I wanted to make Tinned Pear Cake (vegan) that I found off Jack Monroe’s website. Unfortunately, there were no tinned¬† pears and I wasn’t going to go back and look at fresh fruit area.
There was still no self-raising flour, but luckily on a past shop, I was able to get a bag of plain flour, as that had been hard to get hold of too. So before I can do anything, its make my own self-raising flour, thanks to a blogger who gave me ratio of baking powder to plain flour.

At the time of me getting this recipe off her website and making it myself, the plant base milk you choose to use that she suggests, she forgot to mention in her instructions where to add this. So I added the milk when it came to the part where she tells you to measure the flour, bicarb, ginger or cinnamon and cocoa. It still gave the glossy cake batter that she mentions.
The mixture smelt good, even before it went in the oven. It was making me hungry.

I put a little less sugar in too, with me not being a sweet tooth to an extent as I once was. Just in case it would have been a bit sweet for me.

I found it was ready a bit before time. So keep an eye, in case your oven varies and it needs to come out a bit before.

I have to say, after trying some, I was very happy with my cake. Even if my version had to be peaches, instead of pears. But maybe when I get my hand on pears I will certainly bake this again. ūüėä

When it came to tasting my cake, it was already dinner time. Time has gone quick this afternoon.

For dinner, I had an egg sandwich and a second helping of cake.

I put another dvd on, this time Bon Jovi – The Crush Tour. I needed to party away.

And if you have read every Staycation post, I hope you enjoyed reading as I enjoyed sharing with you my week.

Thank you for following.

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