Setting up a blog at Blogger. Just in case.

Even though I said I wouldn’t be even going back to Blogger, to blog, if WordPress get rid of the Classic Editor in years to come, I have set up one and playing about with it, just in case WordPress do and just in case I change my mind and blog at Blogger again.

I won’t share the link with it not being public and with me still currently blogging here. But if I do choose to blog there, lets hope I can create a very short post to let you know before I close it, if Classic Editor disappears in years to come here.

Some posts are going over there that I already written here and are in draft. But not all will be moved across. It’s so I can have a feel of their dashboard again, although I see nothing has changed.

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2 thoughts on “Setting up a blog at Blogger. Just in case.

    1. Thanks.
      Well you know how WordPress are. They say classic editor will be available till 2022. But they don’t say after that what they are doing. It wouldn’t be surprising if they get rid which if they do, then Blogger it will be for me.
      I have been playing with Blogger more today. I am using their new dashboard, which makes it more mobile friendly, after seeing their announcement for that. Something they announced days ago before starting and playing around there. But the layout that I know if creating a post, same as before I was there.
      WordPress need to learn from them, don’t fix something that aint broken.


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