WordPress Happiness Engineers, don’t ever plan on getting rid of classic editor while block editor is in use.

Dear WordPress. Your title ‘Happiness Engineers’ these past few months is a title I don’t agree with anymore. I think that title is about as funny as, ‘pigs can fly.’

You have really proven now how unhappy you can make a majority of WordPress users unhappy, whether they pay for their blog, or use a free one by throwing the Block Editor in our face from 1st June, whether we like it or not. Yet all I read from you is how a majority supposedly like it. Well from where I am sitting and reading, it’s not what I am seeing. So I don’t belive you.

But thank you for keeping the Classic Editor going, cos that is what I will be using and while Block Editor continues to be used, I do hope that you continue to keep Classic Editor going long after 2022. Please don’t ever get rid.

It’s obvious to me that I need to keep writing as part of my wellbeing. But if you ever get rid of Classic Editor means I will just have to disappear altogether off WordPress.

Not having anywhere else to go, or the idea of not writing on WordPress, bears not thinking about. But I am not able to use Block Editor on my phone. There is just not enough screen space for that editor, for me.
My phone is only where I have internet. I cannot afford internet via other means to use a computer and do it that way. The editor is also visually to busy for me and using a computer will not mske it visually any better.
A lot of things I have to sift through that don’t apply to me, making posting hours, not minutes on posts that are short in length. It makes the whole thing  confusing.

I have seen how others explain how they have struggled to use it, but have shared steps to try and make the process easier for everyone else. It doesn’t make a difference. I still see the same images for the layouts of how to find what you want to create a post and as I have said, this is visually too busy for me.

So to WordPress and my readers, the day Classic Editor is ever removed, which wouldn’t surprise me in years to come WordPress Happiness Engineers doing this, I will disappear without any warning, because I won’t be able to write my post and I will be so heart broken if I have to do that, if I still feel about blogging, as I do now.

But just remember WordPress. I am not the only one that has spoken that will do this, so just think, even for a free blog, that means as I would remove my blog and not post no more, that’s one blog less you can’t put adverts on. Just how many more would you lose, whether paid or free and what affect will it have on your income, ‘Happiness Engineers?’ (What a joke that name.)

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22 thoughts on “WordPress Happiness Engineers, don’t ever plan on getting rid of classic editor while block editor is in use.

  1. Yup it is confusing. I don’t know how to change it to classic editor. It would make the pictures so much easier to post.

      1. It’s not there… I have it on this site that I can change it to classic but that actually makes it complicated for it then changes it to block and I can’t figure it out. I opened a new site and it doesn’t let me change to classic…

    1. I had the same problem and set a link up to my post pages the way I wanted it in classic editor

      https://'insert your blog name’.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php?set-editor=classic
      Try this. It might work for you

      1. Either bookmark this post on your device so you can come back to it.
        Or, like I had done, I copied the link Pensitivity101 shared by copying, then pasting in my notepad on my phone. Then I added my blog link in place of where it says insert your blog name and saved.

        So all I will have to do is copy and paste in my browser when needed. Then I can save my link in browser on my phone.

      2. I would suggest you copy the link, then insert your blog name, put it into a dummy post preview that and click on it. It should take you to the classic editor screen for your blog

    1. It won’t be an option for me. So blogging will stop for me here, if they ever get rid of classic editor.
      Although I mentioned on my blog I wouldn’t even go back to Blogger, I have set one up there. Not visible yet. But would be, if I don’t blog here.
      Just playing with it. Taking some posts across, should this one day be needed.

    1. Being a newby blogger may depend on whether you are seeing the editor we have currently that they are getting rid of, which I like.

      Classic editor, is an older one before the current one they are getting rid of , one that I first used when blogging under another blog I used to write years ago.

      Block editor is what is being forced on us, (but we have option to use classic) 1st June, unless you have chosen to use it early.

      If you Google ‘block editor WordPress,’ or just visit your reader on your WordPress dashboard and type in block editor, you will see what block editor looks like to know if you are using it or not. If yours doesn’t look like that currently, then it will do 1st June.

  2. I too am nervous about this. I have been here since 2009 and steadily functionality has been eroded away whenever they make changes and upgrades. The Block Editor doesn’t work for me so I continue to use Classic. If it disappears then so do I.

    1. As I have expresses, I will disappear too, should they never keep classic editor down the line.
      At the moment I am playing with Blogger again. I am taking some, but not all posts across. The blog isn’t public yet and whether I will use it in the end, I don’t know. But it’s there should I choose to, if I end up leaving WordPress.

      1. The dashboard is the same, but they did a change a few days ago to nake it easier when using the phone.
        Nothing against Blogger, but I have now deleted my account. I wasn’t having any joy. But nothing against Blogger. So if I end up leaving here, my blog will have to be my own journal. Not the same though,as having conversations online.

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