Getting no joy

Well after a few days playing around with Blogger, including this morning. I am getting no joy with it. So I deleted the blog.

So if ever WordPress get rid of Classic Editor down the line. I am gone for good, as I will have no where else to blog.

Thank you WordPress for putting a damper on this month. You like to time things right don’t you?

What was the whole point plauing around with the current editor, only to get rid in the end for block editor? You are about as good as our Government. Get paid for wasting time and, not being productive and not thinking how it affects the users long term.

I’m so glad I am not on a paid version of the blog.

Can’t you tell I hate WordPress big time now.


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26 thoughts on “Getting no joy

  1. Noooooo! You can’t go Liz!

    Aaaww, that’s such a shame Liz. Can’t you get on with Block editor? You wouldn’t need to transfer your old posts to Block, would you?

    1. No, as I have mentioned, block editor is not an option for me. I am not able to use it. Its visually too busy for me.
      Everything I do is from my mobile phone as this is only where I have internet. So screen wise, not big enough for me.

      This was why I went and considered Blogger, in case by 2022 WP remove classic editor. But Blogger is no joy for me. Nothing against Blogger so I deleted that.
      So if WP do get rid of classic editor with nothing in its place and I wouldn’t put it past them, then my blogging days will be done.

      1. There is an option not to accept block editor and to keep the classic editor. I am using the older version, and I am not using block editor. I edited my last blog post on my phone and computer, and didn’t use the new block editor. Just wanted to let you know that there’s options, Liz 😊

      2. Yes, I am aware. I have mentioned this in past posts. Classic editor is what I will be using when they shove blick editor in our face. I am familar with it from years before when blogging with a previius blog before this one. But the question is, is WordPress going to to keep or get rid of classic editor in 2022?
        WordPress are know for getting rid in the end. It wouldn’t sure me two or three years down the line saying they will get rid if classic editor. They will probably make out all sorts of reasons to get rid. One being it don’t get used.
        As you can tell, I really hate them at WordPress right now. X

      3. I often miss blog posts in the reader so I apologize for any redundant questions/comments on my end. I have been using WP for the past 4+ years so I understand where you are coming from. I hope that WP does not get rid of classic editor, but if they do, we will be forced to adapt. I won’t switch over to another platform since I have invested so much time into WP already. Hopefully, you don’t quit blogging. It would be a shame to see you go if you decide to leave the WP community. 😢💔

      4. Thanks for your comment. Sometimes when posts are missed in the reader, that can be down to the reader too. I have missed, or nearly missed posts from some bloggers that were not there, but look again and there they are.

        It’s not an option for me this new editor that’s coming out. So unfortunately, if they get rid of classic editor in 2 years to come, or later and nothing is put in its place, then unfortunately I will be gone.
        There’s no where else I have found to blog. I deleted blogger and while at it my email account associated with this blog. Another email is set up, but I have no plans making this email for my blog public, with this cloud hanging over me regarding WordPress, as I use email for something else too. X

  2. That’s too bad that Blogger isn’t an option.

    Do you use the WordPress app or the browser on your phone? I’ve had a look at both since I switched to the block editor, and it won’t even open in the Safari browser but in the app it seems ok.

      1. I don’t use it much myself. But if they were to do away with the classic editor, it might be an option worth considering, as it does seem fairly streamlined for the block editor.

    1. Thanks. Let’s hope so.
      Time will tell in 2 or 3 years time, whether they announce what they will do with it.

    1. The link to the classic option will be in the block editor. So that’s the other option and one I will first look for. But failing that, then I shall use the link I have saved to get to it.

  3. So sad, I will miss you if you go. I hate changes too, who knows how long I will last. It is a nice hobby and I have made so many blogging friends on this site too. I have a cute pom pom sheep DIY coming up in June too, I think you would like it and I am leaving a link back to this site when I mention you in my updates. If you do go, please stay safe out there and may only good things always come your way.

    1. Thank you. I would miss you and a lot of bloggeres I communicate with here at my blog, as well as at your own blogs.

      Out of all that WordPress has done, this has angered me the most. The WordPress staff are really shoving block editor in your face. I can’t even dismiss this notification off my dashboard, compared to pass notifications. It just won’t clear, so that says it all for me about WordPress.

    1. Yes, many years ago I started at Blogger before coming to WordPress in 2008,with a previous blog.
      Nothing against Blogger when I decided to close it after a few days trying. I just wasn’t having any joy. I would still recommend Blogger. But what WordPress has that Blogger doesn’t, is the community.

    1. I will be counting down to 2022 and waiting for WordPress announcement sometime after, of any mention regarding classic editir. Until then its classic editor for me.

  4. What a load of hassle for you for nothing. I remember trying Blogger years ago and giving up, just didn’t like it. With WP, I liked the classic editor and was so, so reluctant to use the blocks. After some time though I’m starting to get used to it and don’t mind it now, but I agree, it’s bloody frustrating when they mess about and then eventually take away the option for the old format that people have got accustomed to. xx

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