Chit-chat May

This month I managed to photograph my hamster, Daz. If you missed that, it’s in this post.
A small piece of carrot for him and myself also munching on some carrot, got him excited in his cage, that I realised this was an opportunity to get some pictures.
Later in the week, I found him to be excited in his cage, sniffing the air and looking around his cage, 5 minutes after I finished off a Trek protein bar. Lol. I was at my dining table while eating that, so nowhere near the cage. Goes to show how sensitive their noses are.
I tried him again another week, with a bit of banana. (The last time I tried him with a very tiny piece, was the second week I had him.) I thought he was going to turn his nose up again. But no, this time he nibbled so much, before shoving the rest in his pouch and making way to his sleeping area.

I talked about nut roast here, in this post. A post I thought I write about, after a conversation with a blogger. It seems this became an interesting post with you all.

After learning about it via my WordPress dashboard, I shared my blog post: Did you know WordPress is going to change their WordPress editor on 1st June? As I warned there, if WordPress ever get rid of the classic option down the line and force me to use the new editor, this blog will end without warning. I will delete my blog and just go. Whether I would appear somewhere else would remain to be seen. I have not seen anywhere that would grab me, where I could blog for free and read other people’s blogs for free as well. I wouldn’t even go back to Blogger now, as one time I talked about that I would. I had been trying it, but I was getting no joy. Nothing against Blogger.

I have also deleted my blog email address and so my blog has been updated accordingly. I have no plans to add another email.

I got paid my furlough pay in my morning job. So it was nice to see a wage and a surprise, because as you will know, I was expecting an empty wage month, with that job. So it seems the Government set this up smoothly for employers to get it for their employees, that were entitled. So I was fine.

And as of this week, I was also back to my normal hours. So you can imagine how happy I was to hear that.

My other job is the same still, as this goes to air; going in at an earlier time. I am still doing my 4 hours extra a week too. But they are looking at 1st June when it’s back to normal hours and the rest of the cleaners back to work also, on this day.
I have offered to do Saturday’s as overtime, if they need, but can’t get cover. So they would keep me in mind, if so.

I gave you a blog update this month, regarding changes to when I close my blog posts to comments. You can read that here, if you missed that.

It was my birthday this month and it was week I originally put a week off annual leave, in both jobs before the Coronavirus started. I had plans for some of the days in that week, but because of the Coronavirus, meant things changed. I had a back up plan, a 6 day staycation. I shared those in individual posts and I have put the links to these individual posts altogether here:

I motivated myself and painted the hallway, as I mentioned in a weekend post.
These weekend posts are still proving popular, so while they continue to remain so, I will continue writing.
Thank you for showing an interest in these posts and, for commenting too and sharing me your weekend. It’s lovely to see what you get up to and I think at this particular difficult time we are all in, I think it’s especially important we mingle on these posts and get talking. So I look forward to seeing you there in future posts.

Mental health wise, since some of my worst days have been behind me last month, I seem to doing better. I still have some moments, but not really bad ones. I just take each day as it comes, as I finding it hard to look forward any further than that. I am a bugger for chewing my lips though. Most of the time I am not aware of doing it, until they bleed. I can easily start a cold sore off this way too. I thought I managed to stop myself, until it bled again on one of my Staycation days. It was nearly healed too.

I am still aiming for my dream home and I envision that. But I ask myself, am I just setting myself up for further disappointment? When that negative question keeps cropping up, I try and ignore. But it’s getting harder.
I did have a boost though. I thought this month was going to be another month of not being able to save. Turns out I was wrong and I was able to shove away my minimum I would like to achieve each month.

I have tried a new tea this month; Blackberry and blueberry infusion. It’s a supermarkets own brand. Very nice and fruity.

Dvd’s as my entertainment and escape 

Dvd’s I have always liked watching as you know. But they have become my means of escape, since last year.
Slowly, my dvd’s are building up, because some dvd’s I buy, I know I will watch again, so I have kept them.
I also plan to build up on some music dvd’s that I know I will re-watch again and again, too.
This will be especially important in the future, should my dream of buying a house happens, because there will be dvd’s to watch as entertainment when money is put to important things regarding the home and not going on holiday’s for several days away, if money was tight to do that.
As you know, I am happy to not go on a week’s holiday if it meant the chance to own my own home. I have been in that situation before, of not affording, while renting, but because I had a garden that was my sanctuary, I was happy there and I felt I had my holiday break, because that’s where I spent my time.
There is one thing this Coronavirus has shown me and that’s just how much more I need this and want this.

Dvd’s watched:

Just some dvd’s I have been watching.

  • Kiss the girls – This was on the edge of the seat stuff and I was right on my suspicions on one of them responsible, that Alex Cross was after.
  • Bon Jovi ‘The Crush Tour’ – I bought my own second hand copy. I can now watch the concert whenever I want and dance, or sing away.
  • Bridget Jone’s Baby – I now have all of Bridget Jones dvd’s. This was first time me watching this one and I enjoyed it as much as the others, as I mentioned in my weekend post. How many danced with Bridget at the beginning of the film, when they watched it?
  • The Lucky One – a dvd I have watched a few times now.
  • Man of Steel – Another I enjoy watching again.
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Re-watched. Lost count now how many times.
  • Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald – Another I like to watch again, in my collection.
  • A Monster Calls – A very emotional film. Well it was for me. Get tissues at the ready, if you plan to watch this.
  • Vampires: Los Muertos – Stars Bon Jovi. A good film, but a bit gruesome. I have put this one in charity bag, now I have seen it a couple of times.

My foot changing

Did you know as you get older, you may find you need a bigger size shoe, than you did in your late teens, or 20’s?

If you didn’t know, then you are not alone, because neither did I. I googled it, after my foot problem, just to see.
My right foot again. This time, I have noticed how slowly my big toe has been touching the end of my shoe, until one day it pinched along with my other toes affected a little and it wasn’t comfortable to walk in. Thank goodness for my size 6.5 trainers I bought that time for when I had the running urge.
Thankfully, those shoes are worn out now, that pinched me, but had I not had this issue, I could have worn them out a bit more. (Just not in wet weather.) My next pair of shoes are now going to have to be at least a half size bigger.

Thankfully, my work shoes are ok too. But those shoes are a unisex size, feel roomy, as well as flexible, when work found shoes to suit me originally, into the months I first started there.

My next shoe ordered from my favourite place, is 6.5 – 7 size. They are in black. A trainer style, but can be worn when wanting to dress smart too and they have gortex. So good for wet weather. Here they are.

(I have done a post update today regarding this part, after changes today. Please see the end of the post.)

Black lace up shoes

My walking boots I bought last year, which have only been used a few times, I started wearing for town now and not just trails. After all, I am avoiding trails at the moment, so I am making sure I get wear out of these more now with my feet changing. Thankfully, these walking boots are still alright for me. I would have been so upset if they wasn’t.

I ordered another face mask, with it handy having a second one, while other drying from being washed. But also, as it was coming from outside of the UK, I wondered whether I would get it by a certain time, in the event I needed to use one. So I made sure my next one was from a UK seller. Which was this one.

The one from overseas ended up arriving just a few days after placing the order for the other one. So not as long as I thought it be. See below.

Black face mask

This is the other one.

Face mask. The design has leafs and monkeys on it. Colours in greens, brown and blue.

Both are fabric, as you can tell and, so washable and reusable.

After an email from Costa that I receive to tell me of their latest updates, I chose to shred my Costa coffee card. I then sent them an email to inform them I shredded my card and, why and requested they close my online account as I couldn’t see where I could do it myself, remove my personal details, close the Costa card too so not usable.
This doesn’t mean sometime I won’t use a Costa again, in the future, whenever that will be. Not in a hurry… But I have no plans collecting points, due to that email, because I won’t be using what they are now enforcing.

Do you have anything to share this month? 



My new shoes are actually a size 7 when I observed the size, so Ecco don’t do half sizes. So I am a size 7 when it comes to shoes now.

I have also found this morning that my work shoes are not fine, as my big toe was catching the end of them now. I now have foot pain, from having my feet in them all morning. I walk to and back from my morning job, in these shoes. I did not find this out till near to work, while walking they were no longer suitable.

I know my walking boots will not be suitable now, so I am hoping I can sell those.

I think with the slight loss of sensation in that foot, that I probably was near the end of these shoes earlier, but just did not know, till things got worse, doesn’t help the situation. 


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11 thoughts on “Chit-chat May

  1. I know my Grandma’s feet got larger as she got older. I think she went up a full size, although I’m not entirely sure about that.

    I like the masks that you got. It looks like they fit very well.

    1. The black one is perfect and I totally recommend. The elastic had to be tied into a knot to fit. That was all.
      The other one is just right. But time will tell when ever wearing, if it could hurt behind the ears.

      I am surprised how my right foot has changed, from size 6 to 7 now. But it’s my right foot that has changed to go up a size.

  2. My feet also have become a bit larger too, but I also believe like the clothe sizing they mess with the shoes sizes too. I like shoes from Ecco so comfortable. You really have had a good planned staycation.

    1. I feel that shoe sizes are accurate on a majority, except for one ocassion. Which the shop warned me too that particular brand was known to be a little bigger than it should have been. I was wearing some ankle boots at size 5 and a half, instead of a 6.But they were exactly same size as a 6. That’s the only time for me, shoe sizing has been wrong.
      Having had my boots from Ecco that I have had years, worn out and with foot changing during that time, I know it’s my foot. But having only had my walking boots last year and worn a few times, but not able to wear again. I am upset about that. As you know, Ecco are not cheap. But they are good quality shoes aren’t they? And really comfortable as you say.
      I’m glad my friend introduced me to Ecco shoes.

      I knew for my Staycation I had to make alternative plans, like I once did before. I was happy with how I planned that week. 🙂

      1. Ecco are good value for money and wear well. I found the same different brands of shoes vary slightly in size. You seem to flow well with life around you. Blessings

      2. I wish I could remember how long exactly I had my boots, that I have now worn out. They have served me very well.

        Thank you. X

  3. Hi Liz! It’s nice to meet you! I also love watching movies, especially with my family! It’s one of our favorite activities to do together! One of my favorite movies is “How to Train Your Dragon”! Beautiful! This month, I finally saw “Maleficent 2: Mistress if Evil”! Really good!

    I’ve always been small for my age because of a condition I have. I had tiny hands and feet. Up to my preteen years, I was still wearing almost baby sized shoes. Once I reached my teen tears and I started taking growth hormones, that stated changing! My hands and feet aren’t tiny anymore!

    Again, nice to meet you, and I look forward to exploring your blog some more!

    1. Nice to meet you Charli. I heard about you via another blogger recently via Mental Health 360.

      How to train your dragon is good. I have not seen Maleficent 2: Mistress if Evil. ” Not even the first one. So something for me to watch one day.

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