It’s the weekend

Middle of the week, I made some shortbread biscuits. One batch being made using self-raising flour instead of plain. (A nice accident I did many years ago in my teens, thinking I grabbed plain flour, then until they came out the oven raised. I was like eh. Until I realised what I done.)

Even though they rise when first taken out of the oven, they do drop a bit after.
This time, I found they didn’t rise to what I remember. But if you observe the biscuits to the front of the photo, you will see they are a bit thicker than the ones behind. So I put this down to when I first put them in the pans, one being slightly wider than the other and so thinner when spread out to fill pan. But regardless of that, I could tell when I bit in one that it was made using self-raising flour, as it has a slightly more crumbly texture.
I should have though, had them out the oven 2 or 3 minutes earlier, the thinner ones, as they should be a bit paler, although hard to tell I think with photo. So taste wise, due to that, I can tell. But they won’t get wasted.

Shortbread biscuits

My second batch I made using plain flour and I cut them using a round cutter, like I have shared in a past post.

This weekend, I just plan to relax. I say doing nothing much. But I will be doing something. Just gently.

Today, I may bake some more. If I do, then it will be scones, using raisins.

At some point today will gentle foot exercises, sat down, while others I can do at times when walking around my flat, or waiting for kettle to boil for example.
Although it’s right foot, I do them on both feet, as it benefits me in the long run. These exercises are ones I do from physio days. I am best doing these every day for life, because I find if I stop, musle weakness comes back. It doesn’t just help my feet, I think it helps my legs too, because of improving posture when it comes to walking.

I only have twinges with my right foot now.

I will follow this then with two stretch exercises, for the backs of my legs.

I will do all this while some music is playing in the background, except for when I am baking. I like to do that in quiet.

In the afternoon, I plan to have 20 to 30 minutes of Tai Chi.

Then while watching a dvd, I will have a foot soak.

Tomorrow, will be similar, but minus the baking.

What’s your weekend plans?

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