Keeping Daz cool


With how hot its been last month, like it always does, it can get even hotter inside my flat.

Even with the curtains closed all day, which I hate shutting out the light, it does not help.

I have noticed how the heat in my flat has affected my hamster, Daz.
Daz has slept outside his burrow. So he is on view, while sleeping, which is not normal for a hamster.
Having a room thermometer, I can see temperatures were starting to get dangerously high for a hamster. So I had to find ways to help keep him cool, safely.

The first thing I did was get the fan on, which will help me, as well as my hamster.
The fan was positioned in a corner of the living room, away from the cage, so it wasn’t directly on him, as this doesn’t help the hamster by doing that. The fan will then circulate the cool air around the room.
I could see after some time, that he changed his sleeping place to feel the gentle cool air. So I knew it was helping. But the room temperature wasn’t coming down for my liking and I never like to leave my fan on, when leaving my home. So another thing I tried was to fill a bottle of water up and freeze it.
This was then placed outside of his cage where he would normally sleep.
Later, I noticed he burrowed back into his sleeping area and he slept there until evening, when he would normally be awake. So I knew this frozen bottle was helping.
When that bottle had melted, I would alternate it with another frozen bottle, while the other went back in the freezer.
I shall keep doing this while temperature is not at an acceptable level for him.

Whatever you do, please do not leave a frozen bottle inside the cage, because while I was researching alternative ways to help him keep cool, I came across quite a few websites that suggested this.
Hamsters are chewers. So that bottle when the ice is melted, the water is going to come out and go everywhere in the cage, because your hamster would have attempted to chew. A hamster cannot get wet, otherwise you will put them at risk of falling ill.

Also, don’t spray, or bathe hamsters with water, because as I have said, hamsters can’t get wet. You will make them ill.

I can’t believe people have recommended bottles inside cages, or to spray, or bathe them.

Also, don’t put a fan directly on your hamster, as you will chill them and they will be stressed.

The frozen bottle outside of the cage has been a definite winner for me, to help my hamster keep cool.
He has a choice to be as close to his cage wall, or away from it, when he sees fit, while hidden in his burrow.

My fan I keep on to help cool me, as well as the room, when needed.

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      1. That’s a good age. My previous hamster only lived till not quite 3 years old. But given her size at the time I had her, she was probably older than what I was told.

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  1. Good system Liz for your hamster, one of my cats likes to lay next to a frozen bottle of water their drinking water bowl. I do leave the fan on or A/c for them if I go out when temperatures are extreme by this I mean high 40 C plus. Keep cool and hydrated.

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