Do not shop online at Holland and Barrett

I love shopping at Holland and Barrett stores, but because I am not going into town, I shopped online.

The first time I ordered. No problems, so I thought, why not order a slightly bigger order next time?
Never again will I shop online at Holland and Barrett. Their customer service is nil. This is what has angered me. Not that it was late, but because they have not answered my emails. (As in answer my bloody questions.) So it’s through this that I will never place an order online again and I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to place an order online. Instead go to the shop.
As I am avoiding the town centre, means I will be one less customer, until I choose to go in town again. When I will go in town, due to circumstances, I shall avoid the crowd. So I am not in a rush, as I have blogged about before, where I am not in a rush to do a lot of things when things lift.

So, by tonight 4 emails have gone in total.

I ordered on the 3rd May.
My order was due 21st May.

When they deliver, they let you know when it’s coming.
Well this time they didn’t. Its a good job I was in.
At first I am thinking, bloody hell, this is quick. But I knew from size of box that not all my items were there.
Fair enough I thought, they’ll come at due date. But because I had an item in the box that I had not ordered and because I wasn’t informed of my delivery, I just sent a general query.
I did this on 7th May. It was 22nd May when someone replied from Holland and Barrett, apologising at the start of their email for delay.
Fair enough I am thinking while reading this email. I expected this due to what is happening at the moment.
But when I carried on reading my email thinking there will be an answer here to my questions somewhere. There wasn’t. This person was asking me if things had been resolved, if not, let them know and they would reply asap. I am thinking, is this a fucking joke?
I emailed back same day pointing out that nothing had been resolved because I have heard from no one until now, so please reply asap.
I sent another email to them on 26th May asking is someone going to answer my questions, or are you now going to keep me waiting even longer? Reminding them I had questions that had not been answered, that when they answered to me on 22nd May, they should have answered my questions then, because it’s obvious on their system no one has answered me. I am feeling annoyed at this point.

Today, I sent a fourth email this evening, after I got an email to review their products I bought. One of the products I have not received, so that confirmed one of my questions not answered. So this email is now an angry email. I have now said they can get replying back within the week and either give me a definite date for my remaining order not received, or otherwise I want a refund if £8.40.

If I hear nothing, I am going to Trading Standards.

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17 thoughts on “Do not shop online at Holland and Barrett

  1. Good for you. They will use the Coronavirus as an excuse no doubt, but send copies of your emails to their Head Office. Hubby uses them, but only by going into a shop. We don’t like to buy anything on line, unless it;s something like batteries, as we like to see it first. Good luck

    1. Yes, they will try that, but I had seen on Trustpilot negative reviews about the nil customer service before the virus started.
      Are you meaning Holland and Barrets Head Office, or when I contact Trading Standards?

      1. H&B. They don’t like bad publicity and if you point out that their CSD sucks, you should at least get an apology and the matter resolved.
        For Trading Standards, they are really helpful and suggest writing final letter with a certain wording (can’t remember exactly what now) and you also have the ombudsman option too, though again I can’t remember what the official title for them would be as here are so many.

      2. I have already pointed out tonight and previous email that their customer service is disgusting and I would never shop online again.
        This evening I said I would blog about it and warn others not to shop online and why.
        I will look up Holland and Barretts Head Office tomorrow, but I had given them notice to reply within the week via email, otherwise going to Trading Standards.

        I have added my two cents on Trustpilot too. I put my customer order number in box that you can do as an option. So that might give em a kick up the arse.

      3. I see Trading Standards don’t deal with this issue. But like you say there is Ombudsman.
        But before I go that route, I will use PayPal resolution service next week. I shall give H&B this week to reply as I emailed, but minute that week is up, I shall go through PayPal.
        I won’t waste postage (signed for at this stage) for H&B head office, given experience of no customer service already. The aim is money back for items not received, if they haven’t replied by next Friday.

  2. Hi Liz I was sorry to read you are having problems with online shopping. Stick up for your rights to get a positive solution. I do a lot of online shopping, have had a couple of negative issues which took a while to resolve. Good luck.

  3. It took over a month to get my samples that were apparently shipped out several weeks prior. I missed the date to write reviews because I had not received my samples. I was honest in the reviews, and claimed that I had not received the samples. I even got extensions to write the reviews, but still samples. So I gave these companies 1 Star out of 5. If samples aren’t going to get shipped on time, and arrive before the due dates, then don’t ship them at all… I did eventually get the samples but one of them was invalid and I can’t use the coupon.

    What did you buy from this store? What kind of stuff do they sell? I feel the same way with Amazon which is why I hardly ever order from them.

    1. It’s a health food shop and it’s where I especially like to get my nut loafs from. But I shall shop with another health shop with better customer service.
      Goods not received were 2 cartons of soya milk, dairy free cheese sauce mix (which they have made out I have got) they send me vegan mayonnaise which I did not order and with how I have been treated, I now expect to keep thst at no cost to me, 2 Nomo fruit cruch bars and vegetable pate.

      With putting some of my budget into this shop and not receiving

      I don’t shop with Amazon. I used to years ago, but chose to stop as I found it was so easy to spend there, habit wise.

      1. Your groceries sound super gourmet. I love plant based milks too – soya and almond milks are pretty tasty. I shop at grocery food chains in-store for food… dare I say even during the coronavirus pandemic. That’s really unfortunate that your shipment didn’t arrive, and that the customer service with this company sucks! European goods aren’t cheap either, so I understand your frustrations.

        When I ordered from Amazon, I kept getting knock offs even though these products were supposedly from trustworthy companies. That, or I would end up getting damaged textbooks if I did order something from them. So I stopped.

      2. I have got my soya milk in past when cheaper than main shops, but as I was putting my order for things I wouldn’t be able to get from main shop and extra I thought while I am at it, I will get my soya milk this time. But ended up having to buy in supermarket because this hasn’t arrived and so my budget has gone over, making it a slightly difficult month money-wise.
        I will go to a supermarket happily, but as expressed in an earlier post, which I can’t remember if you seen, I am in no hurry to go into the town centre and a lot of other things, despite a slight lift in lockdown. So as Holland and Barrett are in the town centre I thought I would support this company and shop online. But discovering how there is no customer service and their service has been like this since before Coronavirus came in, going with Trustpilot reviews, they have lost me as an online customer. I shall shop elsewhere for future nut roasts and treats. I have one, or two bookmarked that have good customer service reviews.

        Some of the things I ordered this time at H&B I wanted to try something different for a change, like the vegetable pate for example. H&B is not a regular place I go in. Just for some things.

      3. Yeah… I just can’t bring myself to shop online. I won’t even shop on Amazon because my experiences have been mostly bad. I rather risk going out to the store. I only go to the stores if I have to. They started lifting some of the restrictions here but I am still being careful…

        I’m not sure if I saw that post – I log into WP every couple of days or so but don’t always check the reader. Really depends on the time of day LOL That’s really unfortunate that H&B is so customer unfriendly online.

      4. Yes, it’s so unfortunate that Holland and Barrett does not have a good customer service. They have lost me, until one day I go in town centre. Until then, whenever I want something particular, or a treat, I shall choose an alternative online store.

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