Fibbing Friday – 5th June

It’s Fibbing Friday time. I have been a little quite with joining in, but here I am today. 😊

This week it’s Pensitivity101’s turn to host the Fibbing Friday challenge which she alternates with PCGuyIV.

Between them, they have kept the popular Fibbing Friday challenge going. Thank you to both of them for doing this, making Friday’s something to look forward to, that we can get involved with, if we want to.
This week, Jim Adams has gave the first three questions.

For how to play along and to link to this weeks Fibbing Friday post, visit


1. What is the difference between Biweekly and a Fortnight? Is there a difference? 
2. How much oil would your lantern need to last a fortnight? That depends on if I use it. 
3. If you spent a fortnight in Paris, what would you see? Ooh la la. I really just wanted to say that. 😂
4. What’s the difference between a microchip and a micro chip? Depends whether you are inserting it, or eating it. 
5. What’s brown, shiny and sizzles? 💩
Ugh! 🤭
6. How is the best way to make lemonade?
Shake everything up. 
7. How many types of coke are there?
Now I don’t know. I don’t go there. I just drink the stuff. 
8. Why was a sundae glass so named?
It was invented on a Sunday. Sundae looked a posher way to spell it. 
9. What is hellsapoppin?
Me, when I start chasing after stuff I am waiting for. 
10.What did the Knights of the Round Table do during the day?
Play chess.

8 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday – 5th June

  1. If you want to get truly technical, the actual difference between biweekly and fortnight is that the former is a cycle (or frequency), as in getting a paycheck once every two weeks, whereas the latter is a duration, such as going on vacation for two weeks.

  2. Sundae as the posher way to say Sunday, I think you’re right! That reminded me of Mrs Bucket (bouquet) in Keeping Up Appearances. xx

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