It’s the weekend

Here are my scones from last weekend, that I made.

Fruit scones

This weekend, I will be mainly focusing ideas for Elf on the Shelf for December.

The ideas I have, I will take photos of and then write the posts ready. Those ready, I will schedule in advance.

Whether I will do a post every day for Elf of the Shelf, I don’t know. But mosr days leading up to Christmas will have something.

The bad news for you the reader, that has been enjoying Elf on the Shelf in the past, that after this years, Elf on the Shelf will be the last one. I don’t plan to do anymore.

I have added my new blog email, after closing the previous blog email account down. You will find it on my ‘about me’ page.

I have kept it a neutral name for my blog email, with not knowing the future of this blog, here, at WordPress. Should I end up leaving in years to come for Blogger, than it’s an email I can use there, when starting off a new blog, which would also have a new name.

On both my days, over the weekend, I plan to watch a couple of dvd’s from the early evening.

So this is my weekend. What’s yours? 

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14 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

    1. Thank you. They were lovely and this time enjoyed them more than usual because they tasted like coming fresh from bakery.
      Due to copyright laws, I can’t post the recipe, as it came from a McDougalls recipe book.
      The only difference I did with recipe to book was using raisins instead of currants, as that was what I only had and using Pure spread and soya milk, with me being dairy free.


    1. The scones were yummy.

      😁 The elves I need to prepare this in advance. There will only be one post where I can’t do till nearer to the time until results. (A post where readers can vote.) As that will reflect taking picture.
      As for Christmas shopping, which last year I didn’t do because I didn’t want to celebrate Christmas. Now although there are not many to buy, I like to start July and get one each month so I don’t feel it on my pocket. I also don’t like doing it close to Christmas.
      It’s my own Christmas dinner plans I tend to leave until November. 😊

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      1. Aaaww, sounds like a great post, engaging everyone with elf on the shelf 😉

        That’s a great idea, one a month so it doesn’t hurt your pocket. I dare say you might get great deals in sales when this virus comes to an end. Ah the great dinner debate 😉 x

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    1. They were. It’s been a long time since last making them and I don’t seem to do them often. But although I have enjoyed my past scones, these ones were just like shop brought ones from a bakery, or cafe that make their own. So I really enjoyed these. 🙂

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