It’s the weekend

I am ready for this weekend, just like last week’s. The only difference, I don’t feel as bad tiredness wise. Just been stressed and frustrated in parts still. But again, not as bad as last week.
Anxiety has been moderate, with some high moments.

I have naturally gone for sweet stuff. Not pigging at it, but having more than I usually, which that has proven to me, because I have done this, that this can affect me mood wise, as in feeling hyper at times in the day, after having it and then sometimes waking up in the night with that jumpy feeling, or when I wake up in the morning, jumping out of my sleep.

Anyway… I have nothing to report of plans much for this weekend, as all I plan to do is have a lazy one. Non stop dvd’s.

It’s just to switch off and not use my brain, because of how I have been struggling keeping up with things these past 2 weeks, getting my head around new way of things at evening job and other times my brain has been thinking more than it needs to, because I have been confused.

Having this lazy weekend will also help my body heal and relax from accident at work, two nights ago. I tripped on a slightly uneven floor tile at work. How I kept myself upright, I do not know. But I banged my right elbow in the process and my left ankle hurts. I did have a sore spot also, just below the knee on same leg, but that seemed to have gone yesterday, so it’s just left ankle and right elbow.

Originally, Saturday was when I was going to take it further with regards to Holland and Barrett. But I am leaving that, at the moment. I just need to switch off. But I did send another email. This time using their complaints email. I still don’t have faith in them. I feel that regardless of me using the complaints email, that it will still be same staff as with other email I used. I said at the start of the email that preferably, I would like the Manager to deal with this complaint.
They have until 22nd June, then I AM going to PayPal, after realising I can do it that way. So if going to PayPal happens, I will be asking for a part refund, for the items not received and complaining again there in regards to no customer service, which has been the main annoyance about all this, as you know.

See post, Do not shop online at Holland and Barrett, where I first mentioned about them, if you have not seen it already.

As I need to switch off, I don’t know if I will pop in at any time over the weekend, but don’t let that you stop you commenting, as I will look forward to what you have to share. 🙂

Hope you are ok. What’s your weekend?

For anyone who’s just seeing dark clouds and drizzle, I leave you with some blue skies with fluffy clouds. (My umbrella.)

My umbrella which has blue sky and fluffy white clouds on it

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20 thoughts on “It’s the weekend

    1. Thank you. I received it one Christmas. It certainly makes things feel brighter, when under it.

    1. Thank you.

      I love the umbrella. First time I put it to use this year, after having it a couple of years. I received it as a Christmas present one year.
      I normally play safe and just have a black umbrella.

    1. Yes. I never had to use PayPal before to put in a resolution at PayPal before. So I never thought if this. I just came across this suggestion while I was googling and I thought, that’s it, I will use that, when the time comes. If still needed.

    1. The umbrella certainly makes it feel better, while the sky was grey. I think it caught other people’s attention a couple of times.

      Elbow feeling fine, so hopefully won’t affect my job from Monday. But my ankle is still sore. I think I will have another week of hobbling.
      Thank you. x

    1. Thank you. It certainly makes a difference on those grey days.
      It’s overcast here. It feels like the sun is wanting to come out. Not cold today.

      1. I live in the Midlands of the UK. It’s been sunny here for a few hours now, so it came out as I had a feeling it would. ☀️

  1. Hi Liz, I hope you’ve been enjoying your lazy weekend with lots of DVD’s. I managed to get over to see my son and daughter-in-law yesterday and we had a small bbq on their balcony. Honestly, there was enough room for the bbq and a table for four so at least we could sit out in the sun. And today, I’m doing research for blog posts coming up 🙂

    1. Yes, I have certainly been enjoying my weekend of dvd’s. I am off to bed now in next 2 minutes.
      Sounds like a good day you have had too, on the balcony. 🙂☀️

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