Fibbing Friday – 12th June

It’s Fibbing Friday and it’s Franks turn at Thought’s & Theories, for this one. For how to play, or join in, visit the above link.

  1. Why is Spring so named? We all should have some spring coils on our feet, so the warmer it gets, the more we should be jumping about.
  2. What are “Spring Greens”? Springs to help you to the toilet.
  3. What’s a Spring Roll? If you find a spring has broken, you will find yourself rolling.
  4. What makes June 6th so important? You should find yourself at moderate speed when it comes to jumping.
  5. What happens on June 20th of this year? Time to hop than jump.
  6. What happens on June 21st of this year? A day of rest, from hopping all day yesterday. Come on, you know you deserve it.
  7. Why is Father’s Day always on a Sunday? Sunday, used to be Sonday.
  8. What was the book, Silent Spring about? I don’t know. Springs aren’t usually silent. So it must be a mystery book.
  9. What does a balance spring do? Hopefully help balance the day.
  10. What makes spring water special? It’s a rip off. Didn’t you know?

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