A funny observation

Coming back from work this morning, I seen something that made me laugh. I would have loved to have filmed it, but it was happening on someone’s property.

I first seen the magpie. But when I glanced again, I then noticed the cat. Then I noticed what the magpie was doing.

The cat was crouching low, tail swishing, looking like it was ready to pounce.

The magpie was taunting the cat varying it’s distance from it, between 2 meters to 1 meter, then back to 2.

Cat being slightly cautious when the bird was coming closer, that it looked like it might back off slightly.

I didn’t watch long, because I didn’t want it to look like I was being suspicious with regards to the property, as someone was in, as I could see a tv was on. But what I seen, was enough to give me a chuckle. That magpie was certainly playing and taunting. I have seen things like this on You Tube years ago, where birds are tormenting cats. But I have not witnessed it myself, until this morning.

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18 thoughts on “A funny observation

  1. Hahah good on the magpie, I say 😉 I’ve seen my cat be evil to too many little birdies. I know it’s in their nature but I don’t think it should be anymore, they’ve had hooman slaves to feed them for long enough. Leave the poor birds alone. The magpies deserve to taunt them a little (as long as they can get away safely!) xx

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  2. When we were in our first house, the neighbour’s cat would torment our dog, staying just far enough away so that he couldn’t reach it on his running chain. One day the chain snapped and the cat got the surprise of one of its lives!

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    1. I could have watched longer, but as it was happening on someone’s property, I did not want to give wrong impression. It certainly put a smile on my face watching in that short time when I realised what was going on. 🙂

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