Update on Holland and Barrett

So today, I got my refund for the goods not received, in my bank account. So case closed and no shopping with them online, due to their disgusting customer service. As I am avoiding town centre, means they have lost me as a shopper. I don’t know when I will ever go into the town centre, than when I really have to. But while I can avoid. I will.

They said in an email for what happened in regards with my order:

“It seems that this item was omitted from your order during the packing phase at our warehouse. We would like to reassure you that this isn’t standard practice for us. Can you please confirm if you would be happy for us to resend these items permitting they are still in stock? If not, i’d be more than happy to process a refund instead.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

But they were happy to keep my money wasn’t they? instead of refunding there and then, at time of omitting!

Disgusting, is all I can say to their online service and as I have said already, I have done shopping online with them.

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13 thoughts on “Update on Holland and Barrett

    1. Yes, they certainly did. I knew I wasn’t waiting any longer for items after their terrible communication where they didn’t answer my questions originally and just kept me further waiting by asking if it had been resolved, when they no dam well it wasn’t.

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    1. Yes, I am glad to have my money back finally for goods not received. But also after their failing customer service. I won’t shop online again with them and with me not having any plans to go into my town centre area, unless really necessary, means I won’t be shopping in a Holland and Barrett store.
      I have no plans to be a regular in the town centre area while we are in the situation we are in. It’s going to be at least a year. But that will depend on what the year brings.
      Only time I will have to be in town centre area, will be when I have to return my library book. That will be a quick drop off. I have no plans to take another.

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  1. They always want to hang onto your money don’t they? I finally got a refund from a company after my parcel was not delivered. They sent me an email saying ‘you can keep the package.’ I sent them a letter saying I didn’t like their customer service and they’ve written back

    If you don’t want the item, throw it out!!! Arrgghhh.

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    1. Oh my. What shitty service that was! They won’t have a business behaving like that.

      I just couldn’t believe how terrible H&B were online with their customer service. I wish I seen the reviews first before ordering. I wouldn’t have ordered, with how the same complaints stemmed back before Coronavirus even started.

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