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My peace lily plant is still doing well, after transferring it onto a larger pot a few months back. So not killed it.

Peace lilly plant

My biggest fear are large spiders and escalators.

I have fear of snakes too, but given an opportunity and starting small, I would touch and hold a small snake.

I have attempted many times when it has come to escalators, which has lead me to go up them, even though depending on size of escalator, I can still have a bit of fear. But coming down on them is a different story. My fear has never changed, no matter how many times I have come down on one, so I don’t even try anymore. But going up I still do sometimes, without a fuss, even though a little fear, or a little anxiety is there.
As for the height thing, there is something I would like to do, that is at a height. I have mentioned it before here what that was, as well as on my previous blog I used to write and that’s go on the mini version of the London Eye. Then maybe one day, the London Eye.
I have wanted to do this after being inspired by my friend who went on the London Eye years ago, when she came to the UK for a holiday. She shared her photos of her London Eye experience and yes, I could see the fear in her eyes behind the smile, as she does not like heights either.
It’s still on the cards for me to do this, but as you know with the current situation we are all in, I am in no hurry to travel and do other certain things, when things ease off further from lockdown.

I don’t have a particular favourite month, so I can’t narrow it down to one. I like April as that’s when flowers start to come to life, like daffodils and snowdrops, which I like to see. You know summer is just around the corner when flowers start to show.
I like May to July because of the warmer weather and hotter months. But not too hot that I feel I am melting.
The other I like is when autumn starts. I like the colours of the leaves as they change and the crunch under your feet, when you walk on them. Also, the days where sometimes it’s cold enough just for a thick jumper, but no coat needed. Those days I think are special.

If there was a such thing as having a last meal, my last meal would be a nut roast, with veg and gravy. A bit of apple sauce, or cranberry sauce on the side.

And if I was lucky to win big money, then my choice has not changed. I’d still have a bungalow, as I have mentioned in past posts.

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6 thoughts on “Chit-chat extra

  1. Your peace lily looks very happy!

    Spiders are an issue for me too. One of the downsides of living alone is that there’s no one else who can be the designated spider-killer.

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    1. Yes, the peace lily looks very happy. There seemed to be a noticable difference after it went in its new put originally.

      Yes, living on our own and for anyone else that does, means we have to run, leave, or kill.

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